Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The greatest mistake a fish will ever make in this life is to enroll into a flying school. Although the fish can burn the midnight oil and graduate with distinction, but it can never compete with an literate bird in flying?

The greatest mistake a bird will ever make is to enroll into a swimming school. The bird may work very hard and become the best graduating student, but it can never compete with an illiterate fish in swimming. A fish should discover that it was created to swim, and enroll into a swimming school to become a better swimmer. A bird should do the same thing. Your exploits are tied to the place of your assignment.

The easiest way to depress a lion is to convert it into a domestic animal. Several years ago, I watched a documentary on the television that I will never forget. A group of people captured a lion from the jungle, put it in a cage, took it back home and began to feed it like a domestic animal. That was how they killed the lion in that lion.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Few months later, they took the lion back to the jungle and it kept running back to the cage. Those men did everything humanly possible to send the lion back to the jungle, but it refused to stay back. When they were tired, they simply pushed the lion down and ran away. When the came back the following day something strange happened. Guess what? A snake killed the lion!

Can you imagine that? The king of the jungle was killed by one of its subjects because a group of people killed the lion inside that lion the day they turned it into a domestic animal. That’s what happens when you choose a profession because of the pay. Ordinarily, no animal can come closer to a lion in the jungle.

In fact, I read somewhere that once in a while a lion will roar in the jungle to tell every animal that a lion is occupying that area. Any animal that dares to go to that area will end up in the lions stomach. But when you take a lion out of its divinely ordained place of assignment, the lion in that lion will die.

The greatest tragedy in life is when a man who was divinely wired to become a prolific writer chooses to become an architect just because it looks more prestigious than writing. Although that man will make money, but he will never get to the height he would have attained if he had discovered and stayed with his assignment.

When a lady whom God wired to bless humanity with her voice chooses to become a fashion designer, she has made the greatest mistake in this life. People who discovered their assignment don’t actually work, they enjoy themselves. Flying will never become a burdensome task to a bird because that is what God created it to be doing.

Anyone who hate Monday morning and love Friday evening is simply a fish trying to fly! The job drives him crazy, but he keeps going there because of the pay. But the very day he discovers his assignment on earth, he will stop looking at the clock while working.

Whenever people ask how I manage to write articles almost on daily basis, I usually tell them that a fish will never get tired of swimming. The truth is that I don’t feel like I’m working whenever I’m writing. In fact, writing is like eating for me. I enjoy it more than sleep because that’s what God wired me to do on the face of the earth.The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

David J. Schwarz shared the following experience. “I recall a conversation with a very promising young writer on a college newspaper. This fellow had the ability. If anyone showed promise for a career in journalism, it was he.

Shortly after his graduation I asked him, “Well, Dan, what are you going to do, get into some form of journalism?” Dan looked at me and said, “Heck, no! I like writing and reporting very much, and I’ve had a lot of fun working on the college paper. But journalists are a dime a dozen, and I don’t think I want to starve.”

I didn’t see or hear from Dan for five years. Then one evening I chanced to meet him. Dan was working as an assistant personnel director for an electronics company. And he was quick to let me know that he was quite dissatisfied with his work.

“Oh I’m reasonably well paid. I’m with a wonderful company, and I’ve got a reasonable security, but you know, my heart isn’t in it. I wish now I’d gone with a publisher or newspaper when I finished school.”

Dan’s attitude reflects boredom. He was cynical about many things. He will never achieve maximum success until he quits his present job and gets into journalism. Success requires heart-and-soul effort, and you can put your heart and soul only into something you really desire.

Had Dan followed his desire, he could have risen to the very top in some phase of communication. And in the long run he would have made much money and achieved far more personal satisfaction than he will find in his present kind of work.”

There are millions of people across the world who are like Dan. They are actually making money, but deep down in their hearts they are dying daily. They hate the job passionately, but they keep going there because of the money. Get out of that place right now and pursue your assignment with the tenacity of a bulldog!12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

There are people who actually found out what God created them to do, but they refuse to quit what they are doing presently because to them, that kind of profession is highly competitive. But they forgot that the sky is too wide for two birds to collide! Have you ever heard that birds had an accident in the sky? Never! As long as you’re a bird, there is a space for you in the sky. So dear friend, stop giving excuses, go ahead and fulfill your assignment!

Throw away every excuse that is designed to murder your enviable destiny and get out of your cocoon. The only way to get full backing of Heaven is to do what God created you to do. God will never sponsors what He did not initiate. When you face your assignment, God will release your consignment!

The easiest way to gain full power, to develop full force, and enthusiasm is to locate your assignment and build your entire life around it. Viktor E. Frankl said, “Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone’s task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it.” If you want to discover and build a business around your own assignment, kindly order for these books; The Untapped Treasures, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits. Call 07032681154. See you at the top!

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