Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! I am a restless African. My concept of Christianity is completely different from what is presently going on in Africa. My concept of Christianity is not just centered on the number of demons we cast out, but how many lives we change. It is centered on how many schools, industries, ideas and products we churn out annually. It is centered on the number of kingdom ambassadors we place in leadership positions across Africa.

How can a continent that prays every second depend on idolatrous nations for hotels, hospitals, clothes, hospital equipment and even the printing of our Kingdom constitution-the Holy Bible! Greater percentage of all the prayer beads we use in Africa are produced in China. Major surgeries like kidney transplant are carried out by demon worshippers in Asia! This is not the kind of Kingdom impact I want to see in this continent. I don’t want Christianity that offers excuses for its failures and mediocre approach to life. I want Christianity that provokes societal transformation, not the one that interview demons on the television!

Talking about the medal table at Rio Olympics that is going on in Brazil, Imitiaz Mahmood said, “World’s top five economies top the Olympic medal table. 1. United States of America. 2. China. 3. Great Britain. 4. Germany. 5. Japan. Coincidence? No. Working nations work in all spheres of life, whereas religious nations like Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia pray for medals and find excuses.” That’s exactly the problem of Africa.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Talking about American transformation, Norman Vincent Peale opined; “It may be said that three men vitally affected the thought process of Americans: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and William James. Analyze the American mind to this late date and it is evident that the teachings of these three philosophers combined to create that particular genius of American who is not defeated by obstacles and who accomplishes “impossibles” with amazing efficiency.

A fundamental doctrine of Ralph Waldo Emerson is that the human personality can be touched with Divine power and thus greatness can be released from them. William James pointed out that the greatest factor in any undertaking is one’s belief about it. Henry David Thoreau told us that the secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in mind.

Still another wise American was Thomas Jefferson, who, like Benjamin Franklin, set for his guidance a series of rules. Benjamin Franklin had thirteen daily rules; Jefferson only ten. One of Jefferson’s rules was this, and I think it is priceless: “Always take hold of things by smooth handle.” That is, go at a job or at your difficulty by the use of a method that will encounter the least resistance. Resistance causes friction in mechanics, therefore it is necessary in mechanics to overcome or reduce friction.

The negative attitude is a friction approach. That is why negativism develops such a great resistance. The positive approach is the smooth handle technique. It is in harmony with the flow of the universe. It is not only encounter-less resistance, but actually stimulates assistance forces. It is remarkable how from early life until the end of your earthly existence the application of this philosophy will enable you to attain successful results in areas where otherwise you would be defeated.”

If the teachings of these five men and possible a few others can transform America, it means a few of us can equally transform Africa. The biggest challenge that bedevils Africa is self-centredness. Everybody minds his or her business. Some politicians are only interested in stealing our common wealth, medical doctors are only interested on milking their patients so that they can become billionaires in few years time, teachers and lectures are not interested in raising a generation that will transform the society, they are only looking for ways to milk the students dry, etc.

To transform Africa, we need selfless individuals. Some people laid their lives to build America, how many of us are ready to spend all they have to make Africa great? You might say, “but nobody will notice the little impact I am making in my community,” but remember that if you succeed in transforming one person’s life today, that individual can transform one million lives tomorrow. Jesus raised twelve people who later became apostles. These twelve men laid their lives to establish the Kingdom of God on earth Just look at the result of their sacrifice today.Inspire Africa Project

World changers don’t look for what they can get, but what they can add or give. Think beyond yourself and look for ways to make life better for others. Just imaging how great this continent will be if all of us can decide to transform one person every year. Let’s assume we make up our mind’s to train one less-privilaged child in school from today, in few years time, no child will be on the street any longer. We will reduce the number of prostitutes and armed robbers. You will sleep in peace at night anywhere in Africa.

To be honest with you, politicians alone cannot transform Africa. Let us wake up and move this continent from third world to first world. The main raw material we need to transform Africa is not gold, crude oil, diamond, coal etc., we are the major raw materials. The leaders of UAE knew that natural resources cannot build a nation, that’s why they started looking for alternatives to crude oil, and focus more in developing their citizens. Africa is a sleeping giant because all of us are busy chasing shadows! Let’s rise up and transform our continent. Stop pointing accusing fingers, take responsibility from today. I see giants and world changers rising across Africa. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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