Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The law of attraction states that you are a living magnet, you invariably attract into your life the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts! Your thought is like a force field which keeps attracting events, people and places that are in line with its content! This is one of the powerful laws that provoked uncommon transformation in my life. If you have listened to my teachings or read my books, am sure you would have heard me talk about this law.

Have you ever thought about someone for few days and that person called or visited you? That’s the law of attraction at work. I actually made the experiment, and it worked like magic. The moment you start thinking about a particular issue, you will build a force field in your mind that will begin to pull that thing towards your direction!bead advert

I trained a group of salespeople with this law and it produced unprecedented result. I told them that before they leave their houses, they should spend quality time to paint pictures of their daily activities in their minds. I told them to paint the picture of how everyone they meet will purchase the products they were selling. I insisted that they must do this and other powerful secrets I shared with them before they leave on daily basis. Few months later, I got a report that they are the best salespeople that company ever had!

What I told them to do daily was to think success, and the more they painted the picture of success in their mind’s, it built a positive force field that attracted uncommon success. You cannot succeed externally until you succeed internally. You cannot be a beggar on the inside and end up as a billionaire on the outside. You cannot think like a kiosk owner on the inside and build a conglomerate on the outside. You cannot think failure on the inside and succeed on the outside.

Where you are presently is the sum total of how you have been thinking all these years. The quality of your thought determines the quality of your life. The content of your mind is the mirror of your life. Your future successes are predicated on the quality of your thought. You cannot think like a goat and hope to become a lion.

I shared a story with us sometime ago about a man who was mistakenly locked up in a cold room. Fortunately for the man, there was no electricity in the cold room, but he didn’t know. Because he was afraid that if he did not get out of the place he would freeze to death, he tried all he could to get out but it didn’t work. He used every strategy to break one of the doors but it was very difficult. At a point, he stopped looking for a way out and resigned to fate.

When the staff of the cold room came to work the following morning, they discovered that the man was dead. They were surprised because the man couldn’t have freezed to death because there was no electricity in that place. They quickly reported the case to the law enforcement agents who conducted an autopsy to ascertain what killed the man. Guess what they discovered? They found out that the man freezed to death! Cold killed him in a cold room that did not have power (light).15 Laws of Money

So how did cold kill a man in a HOT cold room? It’s very simple, the moment he became agitated knowing that whatever you keep in the cold room will definitely turn to ice, he constructed a force field in his mind that pulled cold towards his direction! The content of his mind manifested in his body. His thought became his experience.

So, the law of attraction is both spiritual and psychological. Spiritually speaking, King Solomon said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” Psychologically, you will always attract whatever you think about all the time. So you can change your life by changing the content of your mind!

Many people want to see change externally without first of all dealing with the source that produces change, which is your thought! Every poor man thinks like a poor person, and that’s why they keep saying, we the COMMON MAN!

What makes Warren Buffet a billionaire is not his wealth, but the condition of his mind. Even if you take all his wealth, he will never beg or look for jobs because he has success mindset. Have you ever seen a lion that was so hungry that he began to eat grass? Never! No matter how tough things are in your nation, a lion will never eat grass. Why? Because lions have rulership mentality!

I discovered that the more you climb the ladder of success, the more you stretch your mind. Once your mind is stretched, it can never go back to its former size. That’s why rich people that declared bankruptcy usually rise again in few years time. You cannot have a rich mind and dry pocket at the same time. Your rich mind will always attract its content!

Success starts from the mind! Failure equally start from the mind. The pictures you paint in your mind determines how your future will look like. I have never seen anyone who is positive about life who ended up as a failure. Dear friend, stop thinking like a failure because that’s what you will keep attracting! Change your thinking and change your life! I have always said that God did not create any poor person, people made the choice to be poor based on the content of their minds!

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