Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is the extra. Excellence is that extra. Excellence is when you get to the same place others have settled and add something extra. In my book, The Pursuit Of Excellence, I said that, “If God is your Creator then you have nothing to do with mediocrity because He is an excellent God.

If you take a look at all the things God created you will agree with me that He is the epitome of excellence. He created the sky, moon, sun, the stars, and suspended them without pillars! They have never needed re-adjustment or servicing or repairs ever since.

That same God created you in His own image. It shows that you have God’s spiritual DNA to operate in His frequency! He breathed into your nostrils on the day of creation so that you can replicate His excellent nature in your generation. The creation process shows that mediocrity was not part of our supernatural configuration. It is a state or pattern of behavior learnt or copied from the world.

Mediocrity describes a state, standard or quality that is very low. It celebrates a life of average, devoid of every sense of ambition. Mediocrity endorses fairly low performance as satisfactory or adequate. Mediocrity is to be contented with what is below acceptable standard.” Once mediocrity becomes your standard in life, you will accept average as the will of God for you.

Some poor people are happy being poor because they believe that once you become rich, you will not make heaven. That’s the tragedy of making mediocrity an acceptable standard. Let’s consider how you can make excellence a lifestyle. (Don’t forget that you can advertise your goods and services on this platform. Kindly mail what you want to advertise to Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

1. Attention To Details. If you look at the configuration of man, you will discover that God pays attention to every detail. There are over seven billion people on earth, yet nobody looks exactly like you. Your finger print and eyes are unique. Just take a look at yourself in the mirror and see how God masterfully crafted your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, feet, hands, digestive system, heart, kidney and every part of your body. That’s the true meaning of excellence.

If you are an employee and you want to climb the corporate ladder, you must pay attention to details in everything you do. If you’re a minister of the gospel and you want to become a strong voice in your generation, you must pay close attention to what it takes to stand out in ministry. Don’t be an ‘ignoramus’ that goes about binding demons and collecting offering, kindly learn how to become a better minister. Do you know anything about Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Ministerial Ethics, Pulpit Manners, Ministry of Prayer etc?

Any fashion designer that wants to go far must pay attention to details when ho or she is making clothes. It’s interesting to note that when some fashion designers (or tailors) make a pair of trousers for you, one leg will be shorter than the other. If you complain, they will pull it down and tell you, please just manage it like that. That’s the true picture of mediocrity.

If you run a restaurant and has a vision for global expansion, you must pay attention to details. The meals you serve should not be sweet today and tasteless tomorrow. Pay attention to every meal you serve to your customers because one mistake can ruin everything you laboured to build.

2. Predictability. Global brands are predictable! Anytime you purchase their products you are sure of what they will offer. Coca-Cola tastes the same in Nigeria, Peru, Barbados, Australia, Switzerland or Zambia! You cannot walk into a supermarket in Ghana and purchase Coca-Cola and it will taste different from the one you drank in Venezuela. That’s the true meaning of excellence.

Predictability positions you on the platform of uncommon exploits. There are footballers and athletes you will see in a stadium and you can accurately predict what they will do. If you’re a speaker, you must train yourself in a way that anywhere you show up, your audience will be excited because they know what you can do.

Your ability to repeat sterling performance over and over again is the pathway to the top! Some universities have been in existence for over one thousand years, yet, people around the world are eager to study in those institutions because they can easily predict what they will offer you.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

One of the reasons why it’s very difficult to see a second or third generation companies and organizations in Africa is our inability perpetuate what we started by offering excellent products and services. So if you buy our products in different shops, you will get different results. The moment customers discover that, they will stop patronizing you forever. To become a person of excellence, you must pay attention to details so that your clients can easily predict what they will get if they patronize you.

Vince Lombardi said that, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Ralph Marston opined, “Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.” I encourage you to make excellence an attitude from today. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! To be continued.

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