Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime potential authors see how voluminous some of my books are, they usually ask how I managed to write them. In fact, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success has 350 pages. How did I write it? I wrote it with pen in 2009. I wrote one word per time, and before I knew what was happening, I have finished three exercise books! That is the magic of one step at a time.

Every great thing started from the first step. You can dream big, but start from your bedroom. You can think global and start locally. I discovered years ago that the most difficult part of every task is the ability to start. If you have ever built a house you would have discovered that the very day you summoned the courage to clear the building site was the day you actually completed it.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

“Jaroldeen Edwards describes the day her daughter Carolyn took her to Lake Arrowhead to see a wonder of nature- fields and fields of daffodils (flower) that extend for as far as the eye can see. From the top of the mountain, sloping down for many acres across folds and valleys, between the trees and bushes, following the terrain, there are rivers of daffodils in radiant bloom-a literal carpet of every hue of color yellow, from the palest of ivory to the deepest lemon to the most vivid salmon-orange.

There appear to be over a million daffodil bulbs planted in this beautiful natural scene. It takes your breath away. As they hiked into the center of this magical place, they eventually stumbled on a sign that read: “Answers to the Questions I Know You Are Asking.” The first answer was “One Woman-Two Hands, Two Feet and Very Little Brain.” The second was “One at a Time.” The third: “Started in 1958.”~Jack Carnfield.

One woman had forever changed the whole world over a 59-year period one bulb of daffodils at a time. What might you accomplish if you were to do a little bit- five things every day for the next forty years toward the accomplishment of your goals?

If you write five pages a day, that would be 73,000 pages of text- the equivalent of 243 books of 300 pages each. If you save $5 a day, that would be $73,000. If you invest $5 a day, with compound interest of 6% a year, at the end of 40 years, you’d have amassed a small fortune of around $305,000.

If you can read two books a month, at the end of 30 years, you would have read 720 books! Just imaging how transformed you will become. Just imaging what you could accomplish by that volume of information. If you can read four chapters of the Bible daily, you will read it from cover to cover in the next 297 days. If you look at the Bible, the volume might intimidate you, but if you break it into four chapters a day, you will conquer it.

A young man lamented that he usually loose interest whenever he picks up a book to read. I told him that as a beginner, he shouldn’t over do things. I encouraged him to start reading only ten pages of the book daily, and gradually he would pick up. It worked like magic.The Entrepreneur

Few years ago, I learned how to get any amount of money you want. Let’s assume you need N10 million for a project and you don’t have it, but you have friends or relatives who can help. Am sure if you ask one person to give you the money it might not work. What then shall we do? The mathematics is simple. If you can get ten people who can loan you N1 million, you will raise the money.

Probably you don’t have ten people who can give you N1 million each, you can reduce it. Break it further down to N500,000 per person. If you can convince twenty people to give you N500,000 each, you can raise the money. But if it didn’t work, break it further down. If you can boldly meet your friends, relatives, colleagues and probably church members, am sure you can find fifty people who can loan you N200,000 each. If it didn’t work, you break it further down. Is it going to be as easy as am saying it? Not at all. But I used this formulas many years ago, and it worked. But the secret is you must be ready to persevere. Many people will say no, but some of them will say yes.

If you have any project that looks like a daunting task, kindly break it down to manageable sizes. Take it one step at a time like the woman who planted and nurtured acres of daffodils with two hands, two feet, and little brain. You can write that book by writing five pages daily. You can raise that capital by offering services. You can loose that weight by engaging in just thirty minutes exercise on daily basis. You can do anything by taking one step at a time.

A young man wanted to establish a laundry business. After writing his business plan, he discovered that he would need about N11 million to establish the standard he had in mind. Unfortunately, he didn’t have even ten percent of the money. So he went to a business consultant and shared his dilemma with him. The man told him that he doesn’t need that kind of money as at that time.

The consultant asked him three questions. “Do you know how to wash clothes very well?” The young man said yes. “Do you know people that might need your services?,” the consultant asked. He said yes. Thirdly, he asked; “Can you afford transport fare?” He said yes. Then the consultant told him that those three things were the capital he needed at that time. He encouraged him to go to their street, church and mall to tell people that he could come to their houses to wash their clothes.

The young man went out and started telling people that he could come to their houses and wash their clothes. He got the first person, then the second person, then the third. Before he knew what was happening, words went round about him. Few years later, he raised the capital he needed. And the good thing was he already had customers. One step at a time can work for anybody.

Katie Kacvinsky said; “You need to be content with small steps. That’s all life is. Small steps that you take every day so when you look back down the road it all adds up and you know you covered some distance.” Robert Collier opined; “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” John Wooden puts it this way; “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”Chinese Proverb summed it up this way; “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Wisdom is profitable to direct! (Have you booked your seat for the forth coming Abuja Business and Career Success Conference? Check the handbill below for further information).

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