Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I have some important questions to ask you today. Do you want to stand out in life? Do you want to become a pacesetter, trailblazers, pathfinder and a history maker in your profession? Do you want to become a star in your generation? Do you want to become a force to be reckoned with even after your death. If yes, then what you are about to read is the easiest way to make it happen.

You may be brilliant, but without discipline you’re finished. There are many brilliant young people who entered into the university and became dullards because they lacked the force of discipline. You may be wealthy, but without discipline poverty is certain. If your outgo is higher than your income, you can pray and fast forever, but your upkeep will definitely become your downfall.

You may be powerful, but without discipline you will live your latter years saturated in shame and disgrace. Samson was a powerful leader, but lack of discipline reduced him to a grinder of pepper in the prison. You may be the leader of people, the builder of great business, a great athlete, but without discipline you are defeated before you begin in the race of life.

Ability will win one game; discipline will win the national championship or the Olympic gold medal. Talent may take you to the top but it’s discipline that will keep you at the top. If you’re highly talented but lack discipline and character, you have already initiated the process that will pull down everything you are labouring to build.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics, a young man called Michael Phelps mesmerized the whole world in the swimming event. He won eight gold medals and became the most celebrated Olympian in the history of the world. There is one word that defines how Michael Phelps won a record number of gold medals…DISCIPLINE!The untapped Treasures

Michael’s food intake was regulated to the last calorie. His hours of rest were measured, and his swimming skills were developed under the watchful eyes of dedicated coaches who pushed him hour after hour, week after week, year after year to be better than he thought he could be. Why? Because the price of championship is discipline!

Those who crave for easy life never make a mark in life. Extra-ordinary results demands extra-ordinary price. Charisma can take you to the top, but it’s discipline that will keep you at the top. If you look around the world you will see great athletes, musicians, footballers, political leaders, medical doctors, pastors, and people that had a promising career but ended up as an object of mockery because of the absence of discipline!Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Until you have personal boundaries the journey to the top has not started. Joseph succeeded in Egypt because he had an important boundary; he vowed never to sleep with any woman no matter the pressure. The boundary prevented him from becoming a permanent slave in the house of Portiphar! Do you have a boundary? Wisdom is profitable to direct!

From the next post we shall be examining different ways you can discipline yourself if you really want to stand out in life. Till then, always remember that you are like a house full of treasures, under lock and key! See you at the top! What did you learn from this discussion? Share your views with us on the comment section of this blog! For inquiries about our Products, Inspire Africa Project Conference, Consultancy or Training Programs, kindly call +234 703 268 1154. Facebook: Ifeanyi A.C Eze. Twitter @KingIfeanyiEze.


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