Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! One day someone picked up my book (Twelve Pillars of Financial Success) that contains 350 pages and wondered how I succeeded in writing a voluminous book like that. I said to person that all I did was to write one paragraph per time, and before I knew what was happening, the book was ready for publication. That is the secret of success.

There is nothing as powerful as one step at a time. Every great accomplishment started with the first step. The tallest building in the world did not fall from heaven, a group of people took one step at a time to build it. The hardest step is the first one. If you succeed in taking the first step, the rest will not be too difficult.15 Laws of Money

The person determined to achieve maximum success must understand that progress is made one step at a time. A house is built a brick a time. Football games are won a play at a time. A business grows bigger one new customer at a time. Every big accomplishment is a series of little accomplishments.

Eric Sevareid said that best advice he ever received was the principle of the “next mile.” Here’s part of what he said: “During World War 11, I and several others had parachuted from a crippled Army transport plane into the mountainous jungle on the Burma-India border.

It was several weeks before an armed relief expedition could reach us, and then we began a painful, plodding march out to civilized India. We were faced by a 140-mile trek, over mountains, in August heat and monsoon rains.

In the first hour of the march I rammed a boot nail deep into one foot; by evening I had bleeding blisters the size of a 50 cent piece on both feet. Could I hobble 140 miles? Could the others, some in worse shape than I, complete such a distance? We were convinced we could not. But we could hobble to that ridge, we could make the next friendly village for the night. And that, of course, was all we had to do.”

David J. Schwarz said; “The principle of the next mile works. The step-by-step method is the only intelligent way to attain any objective. The best formula I have ever heard for quitting smoking, the one that has worked for more of my friends than any other, I call the hour-by-hour method.

Instead of trying to reach the ultimate goal- freedom from the habit- just by resolving never to smoke again, the person resolves not to smoke for another hour. When the hour is up, the smoker simply renews his resolution not to smoke for another hour.

Later, as desire diminishes, the period is extended to two hours, later to a day. Eventually, the goal is won. The person that wants freedom from the habit all at once fails because the psychological pain is more than he can stand. An hour is easy; forever is difficult.”

Winning any objective requires a step-by-step method. To a business owner, each task, however insignificant it may appear, should be viewed as an opportunity to take one step forward. A salesman succeeds through one sale at a time.

To the minster of God, it is one sermon at a time, to the professor, it is one lecture at a time, to the business executive each conference is an opportunity to take one step forward toward the large goal. Sometimes it appears as if someone achieved success all at once. But if you check the past histories of people who seemed to arrive at the top suddenly, you’ll discover a lot of solid ground work was previously laid.

Just as a beautiful building is created from pieces of stone, each of which in itself appears insignificant, in like manner the successful life is constructed. The challenge is many people look at all the steps they need to take before they arrive at the top and give up, instead of looking at it from one step at a time perspective. Everything in life is achievable if only you can take one step at a time on daily basis.

Do this: start marching toward your ultimate goal by making the next task you perform, regardless of how unimportant it may seem, a step in the right direction. Commit this question to memory and use it to evaluate everything you do: “Will this help take me to where I want to go?” If the answer is no, back off; if yes, press ahead!

It is clear that we do not make one big jump to success. We get there one step at a time. An excellent plan is to set monthly goal from your major goal and accomplish it. Let’s assume your goal is to make $10 million in the next ten years. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to break it down to annual goal. So all you have to do is to make $1 million every year.

You can equally break it down to monthly goals. Your target is $10 million in ten years, but if you can make $83,400 on monthly basis, you will definitely hit your target in ten years time. So instead of allowing that humongous amount of money to intimate you, break it down to monthly targets and you will arrive at your destination.

To help you plan well, you can even break it down to daily goals; that will amount to $2,780! If you further break it down to hourly goal, all you’re required to make is $116 per hour! Doing this will help you to manage your time wisely. You now know that if you spend six hours watching the television, you will waste $696! One step at a time is powerful.

So you can take up a 30 day task of either achieving a goal or getting rid of negative habit. If you are the kind of person that sleeps for eight hours every day, you can make a personal vow to reduce the number of hours you sleep daily to five hours. The first seven days is going to be challenging. But if you can overcome the first seven days, you are on your way to breaking that old habit for life. Just do it for thirty days and you will form a new habit.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Anytime I teach on goal setting, people usually complain that when they set goals, something usually occur to upset the plan. It’s true that many factors outside your control do affect your goals. There may be serious illness or challenge in the family. So it’s true.

Here is a point we must fix firmly in mind: prepare to take detours in strides. If you are driving down a road and you come to “road closed” situation, you wouldn’t camp there, nor would you go back home. The road closed simply means you can’t go where you want to go on this road. You’d simply find another road to take you where you want to go.

Observe what military leaders do. When they develop a master plan to take an objective, they also map out alternative plans. If something unforeseen happens that rules out plan A, they switch to plan B. So when you make a plan or set a goal and an unforeseen challenge occur, you have to switch over to plan B. But don’t go around switching from plan to plan. There must be a cogent reason to change your plan.

I encourage you today to set goals and break it down to hourly, daily, monthly and yearly goals. If you can take one step at a time, what seems impossible will definitely become possible. Ron Scolastico said, “If you go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, eventually, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down.” For more on goal setting, kindly order for these books and cd: Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, 15 Laws of Money and Goal Setting Skills. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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