Welcome to the #InspireAfricaProject! Some people are stranded in life today because they are still holding on to the antiquated, obsolete and expired principles and ideas they learnt in 1975. We are living in a dynamic world where things change with the speed of light. In my book, Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success, I revealed how our world is moving on a breathtaking speed. Holding on to what you learnt in school over ten years ago is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

Do you know that in 2008, there were 31 billion searches per month on Google? In 2006, the number of text messages sent worldwide equals the entire population of the planet. Everyday, over 93 million selfies are taken worldwide and there are over 1 billion devices in circulation. Do you know that today, half of everything a tech student in four years program learns is outdated by his third year of study? Order for the book and learn more.

To live in this ever changing world that is driven by knowledge without upgrading yourself daily is to perpetually bury your future, and live in the past. Those who grew up in the industrial age will find it extremely difficult to get a job in this information technology age because everything is centered on computer.

A business man who is still holding on to what his boss taught him in the 70s and 80s cannot cope with the speed and intelligence of the 21st century business man. That’s one of the reasons why some of those who were wealthy over twenty years ago are struggling to survive today because the rule of engagement has changed. 1(2)

Some years back, you can comfortably sell your products to customers at any amount you like, but today, your customers can easily buy that same product online without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. You think that going to China or India to buy goods is a sign of being smart? You better think twice because your customers can easily go online and buy from the same company that sells to you. The earlier you understand that the world is now a global village, and the internet is the village square the better for you.

The woodcutter we read about in the first part of this article could not cut down more trees because he refused to sharpen his axe. When last did you sharpen yourself? How many books have you read this year in the area of your expertise? How many seminars and conferences have you attended this year? Have you organised any training for your staff this year? The depth of your capacity determines the height of your exploits. And the only way to increase your capacity is to acquire relevant knowledge. Uncommon Wisdom Academy

Several years ago, I was telling everybody who cared to listen that shop business will soon become obsolete, yet some people didn’t believe me. Today, (an online shop from China) deliver millions of packages everyday! The Konga’s and Jumia’s of this world are making waves in Nigeria. So the earlier you upgrade yourself to match the season we are in, the better for you and your profession.

Many people are loosing their jobs today because their capacity cannot match the expertise needed on that position. What’s the way out? Enrol in a special training program today (Uncommon Wisdom Academy) or invite our company to train your staff. Order for our life changing books, and equally go to the bookstore to buy materials that are relevant to your profession.

Attend conferences and seminars to upgrade your knowledge. If you empty your purse into your brain, nobody will take it away from you. Always remember that you are a miracle waiting to happen. Add value to your life on daily basis so that the lion in your can roar. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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