Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Success is the attainment of a worthy goal. If you take a critical look at that definition, you will discover that there are two important words that stands out. The first one is attainment. Nobody collects success, you must pay the required price to succeed. Some of us are struggling in life because we are waiting for external factors to turn us into a success story. That is why many are duped in the name of prayer and prophecy.

Whoever tells you that you can succeed without your input is lying to you. I strongly believe in the blessing of God, but you must understand that His blessing is intangible. The blessing of God requires your input to materialize. The widow presented a jar of oil to God before supernatural increase could take place. Any teaching that makes God one hundred percent responsible for your success is an irresponsible message. God will do it, but He needs your expertise! Success is attained, not collected!

The second word in our definition is worthy. You don’t have to trample on others to succeed. Any money you made in a fraudulent manner is not a worthy success. Am not judging anybody, but if you succeed in prostitution, it’s not a worthy success. That you have politicians who sleeps with you and buy houses for you is not success. If you steal our commonwealth and become a popular person, it doesn’t change anything; you’re still a thief. If you dupe someone and become an overnight millionaire, you must understand that your success is not worthy. Why? Because you defrauded someone. You may use the money to build a church or mosque, it is still not a worthy success.

My generation must understand that someone can succeed without joining secret cult. You can succeed without defrauding someone, or stealing from the office, or engaging in human trafficking, or becoming a 419er (fraudster), or looking for shortcuts. Several years ago, I said to God, “I want money that I can be proud of on my death bed. I want money that can bless humanity. I want the kind of money that will not take sleep away from my eyes. I want genuine money. Testifiable money. Money that can be traced to a genuine source.”

I heard the story of a man who did not sleep for seven straight years. What happened to him? He sacrificed his mother for riches and buried her in his living room. He discovered few days later that anytime he closes his eyes to sleep, his dead mother would start chasing him with a sharp cutlass. So for seven years, all he did was to move from one night club to another because his mother took away sleep from his eyes. What kind of stupid riches is that? Don’t do anything that will be judging you daily. I know very well that if you want to succeed in the right way it might take some time, kindly wait patiently. Let’s consider the six steps you must take in the school of success.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

1. Decide Whom You Want To Be. One of the most difficult tasks in life is to discover yourself. Millions of people lived and died without discovering themselves. The cemetery is replete with people who failed to uncover whom they were created to be till they died. Some potential giants died as local champions because they couldn’t find out who they were. Global voices and generational transformers are languishing somewhere right now because they failed to discover whom God wired them to be.

The easiest way to succeed in life is to discover where you’re supernaturally wired to operate. When a fish decides to enroll into a flying school, and a bird chose to enroll into a swimming school, frustration will become a way of life! If you want to reduce a bird to nothing, put it in a cage. If you want to reduce a lion to nothing, train it to become a domestic animal. The greatest tragedy in life is existing without knowing why. You are alive but you don’t really know who why.

If David Oyedepo chose to remain an architect will you be hearing about him today? If Usain Bolt who loves football chose to become a footballer instead of an athlete, am sure he would have ended up as an average football player. If Michael Phelps chose to become a golfer instead of a swimmer, am not sure he would have won the twenty-three Olympic gold medals he has today. Dear friend, your success and exploits are hidden in your assignment. Until you discover your placement in life, you are simply existing, not living.

The first rung on the ladder of success is self-discovery. It is very easy to success in what you’re wired to do than the profession you are struggling to learn. A fish might try in flying, but it will succeed effortlessly in swimming. If you hate Mondays and love Fridays, you need to sit down and find out where you really belong. Of course it’s not in all occasions, but we must ask ourselves some important questions.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

You must also understand that self-discovery is a continuous exercise. There are always some parts of you that you don’t know. But the journey to self-discovery must start today. Discover what you can do very well and build your daily agenda around it, you will definitely succeed. Alexandra Stoddard opined that, “I’m an interior designer from the soul. It’s not about just putting things in a room. It’s much deeper and broader. It’s about self-discovery.” I have the template on how to discover yourself in some of my books. Order for, The Untapped Treasures, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, Road to Success and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits. Call Godwin on +234 (0)7032681154. To be continued.

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