Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! Money is called currency because it flows like a river. The kind of structure you have will determine whether money will flow towards your direction or not. If you’re always under financial pressure you have to check your structure.

There are two kinds of people on earth; those who work to earn money, and those whom money work for. Those who work for money cannot survive without an income for six straight months, otherwise there will be trouble. Their structure is too shaky that money hardly stay in it. But those whom money work for can afford to retire at forty because they have carefully constructed pathways that will keep bringing in money even after their death. I have shared unaccountable money making strategies in my books including the three brand new books that are coming out in few months time.

Let’s grab some wisdom from this conversation Thomas J. Stanley had with a man. “I recently had a conversation with Mr. D. D. Thomson, a master builder of homes. He and other members of his family do most of the construction on each home they build. Mr Thompson mentioned that folks like me “have it easy…We hammered or shot 250,000 nails in the process of building that home. You folks just sit at a desk.”

I enjoyed his comment. Then I told him that it is always greener on the other side of one’s vocation. It took 1.5 million symbols (letters) made by my hand to complete my book manuscript. Plus it takes a lot of thought about the choice of letters. Though D. D got a kick out of my comments, I’m not sure he got the whole point. Nailing takes effort, and so does writing a book, but there is a very big conference. What if the letters placed on a page eventually becomes part of a best-selling book? It’s like each letter has some future income stream.bead advert

Once D. D. puts nail in a piece of wood, he gets paid once; no royalties are paid on nails. Even worse, D. D. builds homes for a developer. He gets about twenty percent of the profit; the developer gets the rest. That’s like being a ghostwriter who gets a flat fee and no future royalties. D. D. would be much better off building homes as his own developer- perhaps even better, he should build and rent small apartment properties. That’s akin to having nails as an annuity.

However, D. D. doesn’t have capital to underwrite his own construction, nor does he have the discipline to develop a savings plan that would enable him to put away enough income to become a developer some day. Perhaps, D. D. hasn’t yet hammered enough nails. Someday he may grow really tired of spending all his time and energy inserting nails that never pay dividends.”

The wisdom in this story is that, if your job or profession does not have future financial security, or if you fail to create the future financial security by yourself, you will work forever to meet your needs. Am sure you have seen old people who are still labouring daily to meet their needs, the question is; does it mean they don’t think about old age? It’s very difficult to see an African who retired at forty because we don’t think about the future.

Anyone who earn money and squander it will work forever because money is his boss. But that individual who moulds block, carry heavy loads inside a market, work in the bank or any corporate organization, and save at least fifty percent of his income for investments will definitely employ money.15 Laws of Money

I used to tell employees that there is nothing like job security. The only job security you have right now is your ability to save a large chunk of your salary for investments so that in a short time, you will resign and employ money. But from my interactions with employees, I discovered that most of them spend their salary in advance.

I was surprised to discover that some people that earns as high as N500,000 monthly doesn’t have any savings! The danger is, by the time they loose their jobs, it will be difficult for them to survive because they have developed an appetite that devours N500,000 monthly.

There are people that earn fat salaries who borrow money monthly to service their fake lifestyle. If you’re in this category, you can get in touch with us so that we can help you to structure a twenty-five year plan immediately. While Mr. D. D Thompson is hammering nails daily to feed his family, Thomas J. Stanley is building a solid structure that will sustain him tomorrow. I usually say that the future you failed to plan for today will not be kind to you when it shows up!

Am sure you have heard about Parkinson’s Law especially in the area of wealth creation. No matter how much money people earn, they tend to spend the entire amount and a little bit more besides. Their expenses rise in proportion to their income. Expenditures will always stretch to swallow income.

So if you were comfortably managing N25,000 monthly, and suddenly, your income jumps to N75,000, you will develop new lifestyles that will stretch to kill the extra N50,000! From my research about the lifestyle of millionaires, the simplest thing they will do at this point is to save that extra N50,000 for future investment because they want to employ money instead of working forever. If you really want to create wealth, you must violate Parkinson’s Law!The Principles of Financial Increase By Ifeanyi A.C. Eze

Some business people in our clime labour until they die because they don’t have retirement plans. The secret about retirement plan is, while you’re working or growing your business, you will keep investing your money so that when you get to a certain level in life, the investments of yesterday will begin to take care of you! At that point, money has become your employee!

But the question is, how can we invest this money? We will answer that question during the next Inspire Africa Project Conference! But before then, order for some of my books like, 15 Laws of Money, The Entrepreneur, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and The Pursuit of Excellence, and grab some money making ideas. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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