Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There are two major forces that can turn a nobody into somebody if wisely applied. These two forces are Power and Principle. Power is the supernatural engracement that can propel your profession to flourish. Principles on the other hand are laws with predictable consequences. Most Africans are poor in the midst of abundance because they are only using one of the pillars-Power.

If you tell me that I can become a billionaire by sowing of seeds, fasting, praying, and pouring anointing oil in my office, you’re simply lying to me. If on the other hand you tell me that I can prosper without God or supernatural engracement, you are equally lying to me. Our major challenge in this part of the world is that we are only interested in praying for wealth. We are not interested in applying the principles of wealth creation. We literally wait for God to do virtually everything for us. That’s why we have many prophets on Facebook. They want us to type amen and become Bill Gates overnight.

Your fasting and praying can provoke heaven, and God will touch somebody in Australia to send $1 million to you. It is possible. But if you fail to apply the principles of wealth creation, that money cannot multiply or translate into wealth. God gives the capital, principles turn the capital into wealth. Power provides the resources, principles establish and multiply the resources. God can open the door for you to meet your state governor today, but your ability to generate an idea that will help the citizens of that state or the governor himself will determines whether the door God opened will translate into tangible blessings.15 Laws of Money

Let me show you how principles and power works. Archemedes propounded the law or principle of flotation. It states that, “When a body or object is wholly or partially immersed in a fluid or liquid, it floats if the weight of the liquid displaced is equal to the weight of the body. If the weight of the liquid displaced is more than the weight of the body, it sinks”

To simplify this law, Archemedes said that, anything that has hollow will float. If you think that you’re highly anointed but you don’t know how to swim and decide to jump into a river, your obituary posters will soon flood the streets. But if you mistakenly fall into that same river and you don’t know how to swim, God will definitely save you!

To successfully swim, you must go to a swimming school to learn how swim, then you ask God to protect you while swimming. But what we do in Africa is that we don’t know how to swim, and we are not ready to learn. We will simply jump into the river and ask God to protect us. When that person dies, we will say that his uncle has killed him.

One thing am yet to understand is, why are ungodly nations more prosperous that God fearing nations? Why should a communist nation dominate a praying nation economically? Why should India produce greater percentage of all the drugs we use in Nigeria and there are over five hundred thousand gods in their nation? Why should China build our roads, airports, railway and produce most of the things we use in Nigeria when we have people that pray, fast and bind demons everyday?The Entrepreneur

The Christians of old invented most of the things we use today. They invented earth moving machines, chloroform, laws of motion, law gravity, electromagnetic, electric generator, the technology for packaging foods, and many other things I cannot mention today. The believers of the old like Michael Faraday, Sir Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver, Sir James Simpson and many others did not drink anointing oil or sprinkle anointing water in their offices that will turn them into inventors. They prayed for wisdom and creativity, and laboured for years to invent things.

Unfortunately, the believers of today are hunting for powerful prophecies and heavy anointed men of God that will make them millionaires over night. If these things we hunt for can really make people billionaires, why do we have wretched people in churches that prophesy every hour? I strongly believe in prophecy. I know the power of praying and fasting. I know what all these spiritual forces can do, but I also know what principles can do. Prayer, fasting and prophecy can generate spiritual power, but you need a strategy to win mining contract in Zambia. Do you even know anything about mining?

The condition of Africa gives me serious concern. How can God give us what it takes to become a wealthy continent, yet we are living in abject poverty? The Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially the wealthiest continent on earth. Almost every natural resource on the face of the earth are found in D.R. Congo, but that nation is considered a poor nation. The population of DRC is about 74.88 million. Do you know that 63.6 million Congolese live below the poverty line and lack access to adequate food? Meanwhile, Dubai that doesn’t have what DRC has is developing rapidly.

If we want to stop other nations and continents from seeing Africa as a charity case, we must understand that God is not a magician. Actually, God can do everything, including sending an angel to drop $10 million on your bed tonight, but He will never do everything for you. God can speak to someone in another state or nation to give you some money, but God will not multiply the money for you. God can heal you from diabetes, but God cannot stop eating the things that caused the diabetes for you.

One of the major things I have been saying for years is that if you really want to succeed in life, you have a part to play. Just imaging someone whom all he knows about business is what his former boss taught him thirty years ago, and that same person is binding the spiritual armed robbers that are hindering his business from flourishing. He is the number one armed robber that is robbing himself. In the second part of this discussion, I will show you two examples of how power and principles worked for people in the Bible. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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