Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! The worst blindness in this life is BLIND MIND! A blind man with sound mind like Steve Wonder will go far in life. But a man with sound eyes and blind mind is doomed forever. Millions of people in Africa have old bodies and young brain because of their inability to put their brain to work.

Why should African leaders travel around the world with begging bowls instead of strategizing on how to use what we have to transform our nations? How can the leaders of a nation that has crude oil, gold, uranium, zinc, coal, granite, and many other natural resources travel around the world to hunt for loan instead of exploring and selling what God has blessed the nation with?

How can Nigeria, one of the oil producing nations in the world have four non-functional refineries and yet nobody is bothered? Some of us prefer finished products because we will rather die than to sit down and strategize on how to produce things. That’s why Africa has become the dumping ground of the world. Nigeria should have at least twenty refineries.

The major raw material for chocolate is cocoa, but most African nations that grow cocoa doesn’t have chocolate making factories. So we sell the raw cocoa to a company in Switzerland, they use it to produce chocolate and sell it back to us two or three times above the amount they bought the cocoa!

Recently, CNN did a report in one of the West African nations that grow the largest quantity of cocoa in the world. That was the day I discovered that the peasant farmers that grow cocoa have never tasted chocolate all their lives, but they are the ones that labour all year round to produce the raw material!12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Those who use their brain will always employ those who don’t. That’s why young people sit in the airconditioned offices while old people with grey hair work as labourers in the warehouse. Your brain has over 24billion cells, and no machine in this world can compete with your brain. Unfortunately, big head with empty brain will end up as a burden to the neck! The output of your brain depends on how you use it. All of us were supernaturally decked with the potential to produce marvels on earth if we can put our brain to work.

You must understand that your brain will remain dormant until you prime it with relevant informations. Build a functional library and challenge your mind to expand. The easiest way to stir up the gift of sound and creative mind is to engage in a sound crave for knowledge. All men are equally endowed with a mind, but not all are exploiting it the same way, so the result cannot be the same.Twelve Pillars of Financial Success By Ifeanyi AC Eze

You must understand that God gave you brain so that He can have rest. The mind you have now is the same one that created the world we live in. Why must you die in your little corner? No wonder E. W. Kenyon said, “Make your brain work. It will sweat, but it will improve. It will develop until you become the envy of the people around you.”

Dr. David Oyedepo said, “There are people, spirit-filled children of God, who walk around with their two eyes open, yet are blind to the core. They are mentally blind.” The question now is, how can we transform Africa from consuming finished products to selling finished products? Kindly share your views or ask questions at the comment section of this blog. For inquiries about our Products, Inspire Africa Project Conference, or Training Programs, kindly call +234 703 268 1154. Facebook: Inspire Africa Project. Twitter @KingIfeanyiEze. @InspireAfricaP.


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