Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There are phrases we hear in the Kingdom that encourages laziness. How can you tell people that “God will flavor their lives with favor and transfer the wealth of the wicked to them,” without telling them how the wicked labored to create the wealth? How can we have millions of believers across Africa and a communist nation (China) is dominating us economically? What a paradox! I believe in favor, but I also believe that every lazy man is doomed in this life!

Haven’t you discovered that Jesus never called any idle person when He was looking for disciple? I believe that as He was searching for disciples He saw people who were busy chatting in front of their houses. He saw people who were playing games as early as 9:00 AM, but He never called any of them. Rather He called people who were working.

Matthew reported that; “And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.
Going on from there, He saw two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, in the boat with Zebedee their father, mending their nets. He called them, and immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.” Matthew 4:18-22.

Whenever I hear some ministers say that their businesses collapsed because God was calling them I laugh. How can the same Jesus who called only those who were busy with their businesses, call people who failed in their own businesses? I think people that say things like that didn’t hear correctly from God. They need to go back and find out whether it was poverty that called them or God. Let’s enjoy the story of people who paid the required price to get to the top.

“It was the 1970s and Wyland was a classic starving artist who threw everything into his dream. He painted and hustled. He would set up art shows at his local high school and sell original paintings for just $35, knowing that the only way he could develop as an artist was to sell his paintings for whatever he could get to earn enough money to buy the necessary supplies he needed to create more.

Then one day, in what was to become a defining moment for the young artist. Wyland’s mother told him, “Art really isn’t a job, it’s a hobby. Now go out and get real job.” The next day she dropped him off at an employment bureau. But to Wyland’s dismay, he was fired from three different jobs three days in a row. He couldn’t keep his mind on the boring factory work- he wanted to be creative and paint.

A week later, he built a studio in the basement and worked day and night creating a portfolio that eventually won him a full scholarship to art school. Wyland painted every moment ho could, and he managed to sell some paintings, but for years he just managed to scrape by. But because he was determined that art was the only thing he wanted to do, he continued to work and hone his craft.

One day, Wyland realized he had to go where other artists flourished and where new ideas were born. His destination was the well-known art colony of Laguna Beach, California, and with his dream fully alive, he moved into a cramped, tiny studio where he both worked and lived for several more years.

Eventually, he was invited to participate in the annual art festival. Where he learned to talk about his work and interact with collectors. Soon after, galleries discovered him but often sold his paintings without ever paying him, claiming their overhead was high.

Out of the frustration of finally selling high-priced paintings only to have the money disappear, Wyland realized he had to own his own galleries. In his own galleries, he could control every aspect of selling his art- from how it was framed and hung to how it was sold and who it was sold to.15 Laws of Money

Today, many years after opening his first gallery in Laguna Beach, he created as many as 1,000 work each year (some of which sell for $200,000 apiece), creates artistic collaborations with the folks at Disney, owns four homes in Hawaii, California, and Florida, and lives the life he always dreamed of.”~Jack Canfield.

Anyone who sees how rich Wyland became would think that he hit it big immediately he started creating paintings. But it took him over 20 years to get to where he is. There is a price for the prize. If you want to become highly successful, you must get ready to pay the required price. Nobody wakes up and become great, there is a price for greatness!

“In 1987, a young John Assaraf moved from Toronto, Ontario, to Indianapolis, Indiana, to become partners in a fledging RE/MAX real estate franchising operation. John was definitely willing to pay the price.

When his friends were in a bar having drink, John was working on achieving his dream of convincing existing real estate agents to join the RE/MAX system. John approached a minimum of five real estate agents ever day for five years.

At first people laughed John right out of their offices. Why would they give up a part of their existing income or their reputation to join a new franchise that had already failed twice? But John was passionate about his dream.

In his zeal, he even tried to enroll the number-one real estate office in Indiana at the time. They thought he was nuts. But John persisted, and only five years later, he and his associates surpassed the $1 billion sales Mark and took the lead. Today RE/MAX of Indiana’s 1,500 sales associates generate over $4 billion a year in sales and earn over $100 million a year in commissions.

Today John earns a very comfortable residual income from his company, and lives in Southern California, where he has more than ample time to play with his two sons, pursue other business interests, write books, and teach others his “success cloning” formula for success.”

While speaking somewhere few days ago, I told my friends that while they’re playing and hunting for magic wands that would turn them into billionaires without their input, their contemporaries are busy making their lives count. While John Assaraf was busy looking for clients, his friends were busy drinking. At the end of the day, John’s effort paid off. I don’t know whom those friends of his are today.

Dear friend, stop looking for shortcuts to the top. Vow to pay the required price from today. Take your time to study the steps influential people took that brought them to where they are. Read good books like Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, 15 Laws of Money, The Entrepreneur and others. Call Godwin on 07032681154 to order for the books.

Legendary violinist, Isaac Stern was once confronted by a middle-aged woman after a concert. She gushed, “Oh, I’d give my life to play like you!” “Lady,” said Stern, “that I did!” Stephen King, the best-selling author with over 40 books in print, many of which have been made into movies said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Wisdom is profitable to direct! Kindly share your views at the comment section.

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