Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Life is too short to waste it in an unprofitable venture. You’re supernaturally wired to thrive. God designed you to become a blessing not a burden to your generation. He crafted you to make an impact not to chase after cars and toys. Many people are stranded in life because their dreams and aspirations are so infantile that even if they succeed in achieving it, they will only occupy an insignificant spot in life.

If the vision of a young lady is just to get married to a wealth husband and have kids, then she has indirectly constructed the pathway to the city of none achievers. If the vision of a young man is to thrive in business and buy toys like cars and other stuff, he will end up in a corner in life. If you’re not thinking about legacy, you’re not yet living. If you’re not bothered about what to bequeath to the next generation, then you have to wake up. This story by Brian Tracy and Peter CheeĀ  will provoke you.Inspire Africa Project

“Alexander the Great started off as what you can call a junior manager in a large organization and worked his way up. His real name is Alexander of Macedon. When Alexander was 20 years old his father was assassinated. Alexander immediately became the king of Macedonia. The Macedonians were a tribe in northern Greece, a tough, hardy, militaristic race. They eventually conquered and ruled Greece.

Within Alexander’s household, in his army and the army of his father, and within the other tribes of Greece, an enormous number of enemies competed for Alexander’s position. When Alexander became king, he discovered numerous plots and conspiracies being organized to kill him and free the city states of Greece from Macedonia rule.

Alexander immediately took command, as a new leader does. He quickly put down disloyal elements in his own army. He reorganized his kingdom, putting his own people in key position, and defeated the armies sent against him. He became the recognized and accepted master of all of Greece at the young age of 20.

Then he set off on his mission. Alexander, like all good leaders, had a strategic plan, a mission for his organization. He wanted to bring Greek culture to all the world. He had an aggressive merger-and-acquisition plan in mind. At the age of 15, the Delphic oracle had told him that he could have a long life full of peace or a short life full of glory. He chose a short life full of glory. So he took 20,000 men, put them on ships, and set out to fulfill his personal destiny-to rule the world. He began by invading Asia Minor, present day Turkey. Alexander was a brilliant planner, and he had skilled generals under him. His troops were extremely well trained, well disciplined, and tough, and he won every single battle. As his armies moved through Asia Minor, they defeated every army that stood in their way.

In those days, when they fought with spears and swords, one did not fight and run away and live to fight another day. Fighting was rather final. The soldiers of the armies in the path of Alexander’s advance began to hear about what had happened to the previous armies. And if you lost with a spear through your chest, it would be enough to ruin your whole day. So the word spread that perhaps it was a good idea not to fight with Alexander.

Alexander was also quite strategic in that he did not disrupt the kingdoms that he conquered. He left them under the rule of their own people. All he required was that they pay a tribute to Greece each year. Other than that requirement, they continued functioning much the same as before the conquest. The major difference was that now, they were under the protection of the Greek empire and the Macedonians.

As his armies moved further south towards present day Lebanon and Egypt, more and more tribes came and joined him. They gave up without a fight, deciding not to go to battle with him but instead to become part of his army and his empire. It was the original merger-and-acquisition strategy.” What happened next? I will share the full story of the deadly battle where he faced one million soldiers at Inspire Africa Project Conference on the 20th November 2016. Check the handbil below for details.
Reading the story of Alexander the Great usually provoke me. How can a young man lead a nation and command the entire army of his nation at 20? He did not only lead at twenty, but he conquered the whole world at twenty-three! To stand out in life, you must be ready to start the journey of life early enough and take charge. Many young people in our clime will rather sit around daily to play than to grow up fast and start the journey of life.

You have waited enough. You have blamed people enough. You have played enough. You have hanged around in life enough. This is the right time to take charge and become a news maker. You are too loaded to be stranded in life. Inside you are the solutions to the challenges of humanity. This is the right time to wake up and take charge. In case you don’t know, it is not over until you win! See you at the top!

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