Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Creative thinking is one the major keys that can unlock any door. Unfortunately, some of us will rather bind imaginary demons than to sit down and think. If we are thinkers, some of these drama that takes place in churches across Africa will become a thing of the past. Someone that uses her brain will never listen to anyone that wants to suck her breast in the name of deliverance-but it’s happening! The people that refuses to make the use of their brain will definitely end up as captives.

What we usually do when our businesses are no longer flourishing is to run to a prophet, who will tell us the enemies that are holding us in the village. One hour thinking session would have solved the problem, but our obsession with demons will not allow us. While teaching Business Development in our school (Uncommon Wisdom Academy), I mandated a young man to get what I call, Idea Dairy, and engage in creative thinking every night. Few months later, his business moved to the next level. Thinkers rule the world.Uncommon Wisdom Academy

Thinking in this context, is the ability to coordinate thoughts productively in order to generate solutions to the challenges that are harassing you. Creative thinking is different from placing your hands under your jaw to wonder how you will pay your children’s school fees. Creative thinking is different from worry, fear and anxiety. Creative thinking searches for solution, but worry focuses on the problem, and in most cases, it will magnify it.

Let’s assume the challenge you are facing right now is the inability to meet your family needs. The simplest thing you should do is to take your idea diary and pen, and sit down in the middle of the night to generate solutions to the financial shortage. You will say something like, “what do I do about this issue?” “What steps can I take to get out of this mess?” Then you ask God to drop destiny shaping ideas into your mind. Keep quiet and listen to your heart. Make sure you write down every good thought that drops into your mind. They might not make sense immediately, but as you keep going through what you wrote, you will gain deeper insight!

It was creative thinking that brought the prodigal son back home. After eating with pigs one day, he looked at himself and wondered why he was living with pigs! He went to a corner and began to analyse his life. After the analysis, he saw the mistake he made, and proffered solution to it. He put together his confession note, and returned back home. If he did not sit down that day to engage in a solution generating thinking session, he would have ended up as a nonentity forever!

Dr. David Oyedepo said that; “When Paul talked about “the eyes of your understanding being enlightened,” in Ephesians 1:18, he was referring to being mentally sound. That is, high-level productive thinking. That is, somebody sitting down and creating something productive that will make living great.” There is no computer or device that can match the capacity of your brain. Your brain was supernaturally fixed inside our heads by God to help us generate solutions to the challenges life.

The economy of your nation is not your problem. It’s your mentality that needs to be adjusted. I have always maintained that it’s not where you live that determines your rating in life, it is what you know. While you are lamenting about the economy of your nation, somebody is generating uncommon ideas that will take him straight to the top.

The problem is that we talk too much. Anyone who talks throughout the day canonot think. I discovered that talking is a challenge to me, except when am speaking. Because I hardly talk, I generate fresh revelations and ideas daily. I take writing materials to virtually everywhere, including the rest room. Spend more time in thinking than talking. Talk when you should talk, and task your brain to produce results for you. If you can spend two hours daily in quality meditation for the next one year, you will see how fast you will run in life.

The level to which you engage your mind determines the level of results you generate. For example, if you hardly make sells in your shop, the first thing you should do is not to look for enemies! Sit down and ask yourself; “Do people really need what I’m selling?” If they don’t, what are the things they need in this area? You cannot be selling caterpillar parts and wonder why you don’t make daily sells!1(2)

Stop running around and start thinking. Stop looking for whom to blame, and take full responsibility for your destiny. Stop looking for who will listen to your stories because nobody is interested. When you sit down to engage in quality meditation, you will give voice to the treasures that are crying for expression on the inside of you. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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