Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Fear is a psychological thing. For example, if you travel to a village that is surrounded by thick forest and look down the road at night, you will see something that looks like a human being waiting to capture you. But if you summon courage and move closer to that spot, you will discover that it was fear that actually created that image.

Fear is a mirage. Fear is the product of your thought. What you’re afraid of does not actually exist. A medical doctor told me that it is the fear of death and belief on drugs that helps sick people to get well. He said that sometimes, the drug could be just Vitamin C, but since people are afraid to die, the moment you tell them to take two tablets three times daily, the fear of death will gradually dissipate.The Entrepreneur

One day, I heard a medical doctor telling one of his patients that nothing was wrong with him. The man insisted that he was sick, and asked the doctor to give him some drugs. The doctor told him to go home and play with friends, that he was not sick. If the doctor had given him some pieces of white chalk to take three times daily, he would have gone home relieved. But the truth is that the man was not really sick, his problem was fear.

Many physicians give natural, harmless “medication” to people who insist they’ve got to have something to make them sleep. To lots of folks the act of swallowing a pill, even though (unknown to them) the pill has no medication, makes them fell better. Action cures fears.

David J. Schwartz shared the following experience. “One evening we were visiting a friend’s home when their five-year-old boy, who had been put to bed thirty minutes before, cried out. The youngster had been overstimulated by a science fiction film and was afraid the little green monsters were going to enter his room and kidnap him.

I was intrigued by the way the boy’s father relieved the lad’s worry. He didn’t say, “Don’t worry, son, nothing is going to get you. Go back to sleep.” Instead he took positive action. He made quite a show for the boy by inspecting the windows to be sure they were tight.

Then he picked up one of the boy’s plastic guns and put it on a table beside his bed and said, ” Billy, here’s a gun for you just in case.” The little fellow had a look of complete relief. Four minutes later he was fast asleep.” By taking action to counter the fear, the boy was totally relieved from fear.

It’s perfectly natural to experience fear in one of many forms. But the usual method of combating it simply don’t work. Many salesmen have tried to cure fear, which creeps upon even the most experienced of them at times, by going around the block a few times or drinking extra coffee.

But these things don’t get result. The way to combat that kind of fear- yes, any kind of fear is action! Dread making a certain phone call? Make it, and dread will disappear. Put it off, and it will get harder and harder to make.

Dread going to a doctor for a checkup? Go, and your worry will vanish. Chances are nothing serious is wrong with you, and if there is, you will know where you stand. Put off that checkup, and you feed your fear until it may grow so strong that you actually are sick.

Dread discussing a problem with your superior? Discuss it, and discover how those worries are conquered. Dread discussing an issue that happened in your home with your spouse? Go ahead and discuss it. If you don’t, all manner of negative thoughts will pollute your mind against your spouse. A problem prolonged can cause serious damage in marriage and relationship.

Dread driving? Go to a driving school right away and register for a driving lesson. The moment you do that, you will reduce the fear to the barest minimum. A young businessman called me several years ago to complain about his fear. What was that? He was afraid to take the stock of his business, because he might find out that he did not do well that year.

So anytime he remembers to take stock, fear would grip him. I told him that there was only one way to deal with that fear; go ahead and take the stock! I made him to understand that doing exactly that would prepare him for future challenges and make him a better manager. He went straight to do what I said, and his confidence was restored.

Action is the number one cure for fear. Take action towards that thing you are afraid of and the death of fear is certain. Probably you dread flying. Kindly get a ticket and fly this week. I actually heard the story of a man who is afraid of traveling by air. Why? Because he was afraid of air crash. But he forgot that accidents happen every second on the road, while air crash happen once in a while. In fact to me, the safest means of transportation is flying.

Several years ago, a boy was bullied in school by a group of boys. The boys usually take his food by force which made him to rush back home after school to eat on daily basis. His parents were worried but the boy did not tell them what was happening.

One day, his father sensed that someone was bullying his son in the school. He called the boy and said, “Son, sometimes in this life we must confront those who oppress us. When you get to school today and anybody tries to take your food by force, tell him that you’re not giving him or her anything today with boldness. You must be bold and audacious if you truly want to succeed in life.”

With that conference, the boy went to school. As usual, the bullies came to collect his food and the boy said, “I am not giving you any food today!” The bullies were surprised to hear that from their captive. The leader of the gang rushed to collect the boy’s food, and out of the anger of what they have been doing to him for months, he pushed the gang leader so hard that he fell on the ground and somersaulted!

The moment the bullies say that the boy was ready to take them on, they ran away. From that day, they never bullied the boy again. If that boy did not confront his fear, he would have remained a slave to his enemies. That’s what fear does to us. If you pamper fear, it will hunt you for life. If you confront it, it will never cross your part for life. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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