Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! While teaching on excellence somewhere, I made my audience to understand that if everything fails in this life, excellence will not fail. Excellence can break barriers. Excellence does not know race, color or nationality. If you’re the best in what you do, you will definitely prosper in life.

No organization can fire their best staff. If you’re the best in your organization, even if your boss is the devils younger brother or sister, he or she can never sack you. Some people do, but they usually regret it later. There are people you can’t just wake up and fire because of the value they are adding in the organization. Unfortunately, some of us who do not add any value to both Divinity and humanity are busy binding our bosses for refusing to promote us.

A retired owner-manager of a medium-size printing company (with sixty employees) explained how his successor was picked. “Five years ago, I needed an accountant to head up our accounting and office routine. The fellow I hired was named Harry and was only twenty-six.

He knew nothing about the printing business, but his record showed he was a good accountant. Yet a year and half ago, when I retired, we made him the president and general manager of the company. Looking back on it, Harry was sincerely and actively interested in the whole company, not just writing checks and keeping records. Whenever he saw how he can help other employees, he jumped right in.

The first year Harry was with me, we lost a few men. He came to me with a fringe benefit program which he promised would cut down turnover at low cost. And it worked. Harry did many things, too, which helped the whole company, not just this department. He made a detailed cost study of our production department and showed me how a $30,000 investment in new machinery would pay off.

Once we experienced a pretty bad sales slump. Harry went to our sales manager and said, in effect, ‘I don’t know much about the sales end of the business, but let me try to help, and he did. Harry came up with several good ideas which helped us to sell more jobs.

When new employee joined us, Harry was right there to help the fellow get comfortable. Harry took a real interest in the entire operation. When I retired, Harry was the only logical person to take over. But don’t misunderstand, Harry didn’t try to put himself over on me. He wasn’t a mere meddler. He wasn’t aggressive in a negative way.

He didn’t stab people in the back, and he didn’t go around giving orders. He just were around helping. Harry simply acted as if everything in the company affected him. He made company business his business.”~David J. Schwartz.

Am sure we can all learn a lesson from Harry. The “I’m doing my job and that’s enough attitude” is small, negative thinking. Big thinkers see themselves as members of a team effort, as winning or loosing with the team, not by themselves. They help in every way they can, even when there is no direct and immediate compensation or reward.

The fellow who shrugs off a problem outside his own department with the comment, “Well, that’s no concern of mine, let them worry with it” hasn’t got the attitude it takes to stand out in life. That’s why some people remain at just one position in an organization the rest of their lives.

If you go to some government parastatals and institutions, you will see why our nation needs divine intervention. You have to beg and plead with some civil servants to do their jobs. Some of them would just sit down and engage in endless discussions. If you dare call the persons attention, you will receive the insult you will never forget the test of your life. Meanwhile, that person is praying and fasting for diving promotion.

Whenever young people receive job offers and ask me the one they should choose, I usually tell them to forget about the company that would pay more, and choose the one that would help them to grow. It may not make sense, but the first thing you need from a job is not money, but experience. The major reward is not the immediate gain, but the experience that can turn into your own organization tomorrow.

In my book, The Pursuit of Excellence, I stated that there are three major reasons why we work. Firstly, we work to add value to humanity. Just imaging if there are no banks to save your money, lorries to convey our goods, companies to build our roads, individuals that sell food and groceries, schools to educate us and mortuaries to keep the dead. The world would have been a terrible place. We work to help others in one way or the other.The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Secondly, we work to connect with others. Many people got married and got connected to future business partners while working in an organization. You cannot attract diving connection while sitting in your house. Kindly order for the book and read the rest, but you must understand that money is good, but it shouldn’t determine how effective you should be wherever you’re working.

What prompts your bosses to promote you is not really how long you have worked in their company, or how well you do your job, but your ability to go extra mile in helping the organization. Excellence demands that you go extra mile in what you do. Jesus said, “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” He was actually talking about excellence in this scripture.

Average individuals would stop at one mile, but generational transformers would go two miles. Stop hunting for just money, and look for ways to help in building your organization. If I was looking for only money, I would have stopped writing these articles long time ago. I gain almost nothing doing this, but my joy is to see you succeed. Whenever I meet people and they tell me how my little effort has helped them, I usually rejoice. Money is good, but service is better. Guess what? Serving humanity will always produce uncommon blessings. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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