Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There is nothing in this world that can limit a man like the thought of failure. One of the reasons why I don’t fancy counseling is because people love their problems more than the solutions. On several occasions, I have asked people what they really wanted, but they insisted that I should give them time to keep talking about their problems forever.

In one occasion, a young man rejected every solution I posited. He kept telling me that his problem doesn’t have any solution. I asked whether the devil is more powerful than God? He said, “No, but this problem has held me down for years. In fact, can you give me another appointment so that I would take my time to talk about this problem?” People like that are eternally married to their problems, and there is no way you can help them.

David J. Schwartz shared a fantastic story in this regard. “At a homecoming celebration I met a college friend whom I had not seen for ten years. Chuck was a very bright student and he graduated with honors. His goal when I last saw him was to own his own business.

I asked Chuck what kind of business he finally established. “Well,” he confessed, “I didn’t go into business for myself. I wouldn’t have said this to anyone five years ago or even one year ago, but now I’m ready to talk about it.

“As I look back to my college education now, I see that I became an expert in why a business idea won’t work out. I learned every conceivable pitfall, every reason why a small business will fail: ‘You’ve got to have capital;’ ‘Be sure the business cycle is right;’ ‘Is there a big demand for what you will offer?’ ‘Is local industry stabilized?’ -a thousand and one things to check out.

The thing that hurts most is that several of my old high school friends who never seemed to have as much on the ball and didn’t even go to college now are very well established in their own businesses. But me, I’m just plodding along, auditing freight shipments. Had I been drilled a little more in why a small business can succeed, I’d be better off in every way today.”

David J. Schwartz also went on to say that, “I’ve been close for many years to a person who qualifies as a genius, and has high abstract intelligence. Despite this high native intelligence, he is one of the most unsuccessful people I know. He never married (lots of marriages end in divorce). He has a very mediocre job (he’s afraid of responsibility). He has few friends (people bore him).

This man uses his great brain power to prove why things won’t work rather than directing his mental power to searching for ways to succeed. Because of the negative thinking that guides his great reservoir of brain, this fellow contributes little and creates nothing. With a changed attitude, he could do great things indeed. He has the brains to be a tremendous success, but not the thought power.”

Am sure you know someone whose story is similar to the two stories you just read. Potential generational transformers are stranded today because of; “What if this idea fail?;” “What if I establish this idea and another company sends me out of the market?” “What if government enacts a law and render me bankrupt?” “What if I become too wealthy and loose my best friends?” “What if” is a chain that hold people down.

When I listen to people’s lamentation, I wonder whether there is another problem outside what they are saying. Limiting thoughts can render a PhD holder useless in life. Probably he tried to get a job on different occasions and it didn’t work out, he concluded that he is cursed, or that he is not as lucky as his contemporaries who are excelling.

I have always maintained that whatever you conceive in your heart, and believe from the depth of your heart, will become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. There is nothing like impossibility in this life. Jesus said that, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23. Anytime I read that scripture, I usually pay attention to the word, “All.” It means everything you decide to accomplish or achieve is possible, if only you can believe.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al maktoun, the king of Dubai said that; “Impossible is a word coined by those who do not want to work, or rather, those who do not want us to work. Impossible is nowhere to be found in the dictionary of the UAE. It is a word used by some people who fear to dream big. It is like chains that tie a person down, hindering his every move. It can confine a person like a great prison, preventing him from moving around, living life, and achieving great heights.”

Dear friend, kindly get rid of every limiting thought in your heart. Look at what God said when He came down to see the Tower people were building; “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” Genesis 11:6. Anything you set your heart to achieve with complete confidence will always translate to success. So step out of your cocoon right now and recover your enviable destiny that is laying fallow. See you at the top!

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