Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime I’m speaking to employees, I usually encourage them to forget about their pay and add value to the organizations they are working for. The easiest way to become redundant and ineffective is to offer services based on the amount of money you’re paid for it. People who behave like that can never become outstanding in their generation.

Any employee who pays too much attention to his salary will never go far in life. If you can develop the service-first-attitude from today, money will definitely chase you around. Many years ago, Lord Randolph Churchill’s, (Winston Churchill’s father) vehicle (a cart) got stuck on the bad portion of the road. He looked around and couldn’t find any adult to help him push it.

Suddenly a boy appeared from nowhere, stepped into the place and pushed out the vehicle. Lord Randolph was so happy that he asked the boy why he was not in school at that time of the day. The boy said that his father could not afford the school fees. Lord Randolph followed him to see his father, and gave the boy full scholarship from secondary school to the university.

The boy ended up as a biologist, pharmacologist and botanist. It was this boy that invented the first antibiotics called penicillin in 1928! And that boy was Alexander Fleming! Years later, Winston Churchill almost died young, but it was penicillin that rescued him from premature death! Winston Churchill went on to become one of the greatest Prime Ministers of England! That’s what the service-first-attitude can do for you.

David J. Schwartz shared this life changing story. “F. H. was like many persons you know. He was preoccupied with why he needed more money instead of being preoccupied with ways to make money. Each week F. H. spent hours of company time working on his personal budget problems. His favorite topic of conversation was “I’m most underpaid man here. Let me tell you why.”

F. H. had the not uncommon attitude of “This is a big company. It’s netting millions. It’s paying a lot of people big salaries, so it ought to pay me more too.” F. H. had been passed over several times for pay increase.

Finally one day he decided that it was high time he went in there and demanded more money. About thirty minutes later F. H. was back, all heated up. His expression made it obvious that next month’s check would look exactly like this month’s check.

Immediately F. H. began to let go. “Boy, am I mad! What do you suppose the old man said when I told him I wanted more money? He had the gall to ask me, ‘Why do you believe you are justified in asking for an increase?’ I gave him plenty of reasons.”

He went on. “I told him I’d been passed over when others around here were getting pay raises. I told him my bills are getting larger and my paycheck isn’t. And I told him that I do everything around here they ask me to do. Can you beat that? I need a raise, but instead of paying me more, they give out raises to other guys around here who don’t need it half as much as I do.”The untapped Treasures

“Why, the way he acted, F. H. continued, you’d think I was asking for charity. All he would say is ‘When your record shows that you deserve more money, you will get more money.’ Sure, I could do a better job if they paid me for it, but only a fool does something he isn’t paid for.”

F. H. is an example of the breed that is blind to the “how” of making money. His last remark sums up his mistake. In effect, F. H. wanted the company to pay him more and then he would produce more.

But this is not how the system works. You don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance; you get a raise only by demonstrating better performance. You can’t harvest money unless you plant the seed that grows money. And the seed of money is service. Put in service first, and money takes care of itself.

Consider which producer make the money from movies. The get-rich-quick producer proceeds to make a picture. Putting money ahead of entertainment (service), he cuts corners everywhere. He buys a poorly written script and employs second-rate writers to adapt it.

In employing actors, arranging sets, even recording sound, he puts money first. This producer thinks the moviegoer is a sucker, someone who can’t tell good from bad. But the get-rich-quick producer seldom does get rich quick. There never is a bandwagon movement to buy anything second-class, especially when it is given a first-class price.

The producer who enjoys the largest profits from movies puts entertainment ahead of money. Rather than chisel the moviegoer, he does everything possible to give people more and better entertainment than they expect to get. The result: people like the movie. It gets talked about. It gets good reviews. And it makes money.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

People who put money first hardly make the money. They usually do shoddy works which leads to poor patronage. I made up my mind many years ago to give more than one hundred percent value to anyone who needs my services. Why? Because I’m not just making money, I’m adding value to humanity.

Vow to offer superior goods and services from today. Stop looking for free money. One of the easiest ways to render people useless in life is to continuously give them free money. It’s good to help people, but don’t sponsor laziness. If the services does not worth it, kindly let the person know. Don’t increase someone’s salary unless the person has successfully increased his or her input into the organization.

The very day we start thinking value for money in Nigeria, corruption will become a thing of the past. Civil servants who are clamoring for salary increase does not add any value to the organizations they are working for. Their input into the organization remains the same after thirty years. If you have not gotten a job kindly volunteer to serve someone. Even if the person did not employ you at the end of the day, you can convert the experience you gained from his organization into business. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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