Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Your mind is your greatest asset in life. You will always win or loose the battles of life based on the quality of your mind. Your mind is the unseen programmer of your life. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. Poverty is not the absence of cash, but the condition of your mind. It is not the lack of money that makes people poor, it is the quality of their minds.

The size if your organization reflects the quality of your thought. The size if your vision reflects the quality of your mind. The quality of your thought determines the size of your purse. Until your mind changes, your life cannot change. That’s why you must invest heavily on your mind. Lets look at three simple ways to do that.

1. Read Daily. Make the decision to read in your chosen field for thirty to sixty minutes each day, preferably in the morning. It is said that reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. By reading thirty to sixty minutes each day, along with underlining and making notes while thinking of how you might use this new information, you actually strengthen your mind and increase your intelligence.
Reading one book per month will put you in the top one percent of great achievers. Reading thirty to sixty minutes per day will translate into about one book per week, or about fifty books per year. To earn a PhD at a leading university requires that you read and synthesize the content of thirty to fifty books, which means that reading thirty to sixty minutes each day actually earns for you the equivalent of a PhD in your field each year.

If you continually upgrade your mind and skills in this manner, by learning the equivalent of a PhD each year, you would greatly affect your ability to get results and improve your income. I have given this assignment to many people and they usually give mind boggling testimonies. Just target two books monthly and see how transformed your mind will become.

Take one hour out of your twenty-four hours, and invest it in reading, and see how your life will take a different shape.
Readers are leaders. Those who invest in books end up as winners especially if you are reading to find out how to succeed in your profession, not just for entertainment.

I have nothing against fiction novels, but I prefer reading books that will help me succeed in my assignment. Doing this regularly will sharpen your mind.The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

2. Listen To Audio Programs. The second part of continuous learning and sharpening of your mind is for you to listen to life changing training materials. It could be video, audio, MP3 or even the downloadable ones. Instead of listening to music all the time, download audio courses produced by experts in your field and listen to them whenever you have spare moments. Or you can even create that spare moment by yourself.

According to the University of Southern California, by listening to educational audio programs as you drive from place to place, you can get the educational equivalent of most full-time attendance at the university.

Brian Tracy said that, “When you take an academic course at the university, most of what you learn is theoretical and difficult to apply to the real world. When you listen to audio program, much of what you hear on the recording is proven, practical, and immediately actionable”.

I will advise that your turn your car into your mobile lecture hall. While you’re stuck in the traffic you can be taking notes while listening to the audio program. Download these teachings into your devices. While writing this article this morning, I was listening to an insightful teaching on the background.

I literally wrote one of my books titled, The Pursuit of Excellence, in my car in 2012. I was listening to a life changing teaching while driving, suddenly the speaker made a statement that opened up a new insight to me.

I pulled over, brought out my diary, and wrote the title of the book, divided it into chapters, wrote the introduction and many other parts of the book on the spot. If I didn’t listen to that teaching that day, I would not have written the book. You can order for our life changing teachings right now.
3. Attend Seminars and Conferences. The third area in which you can engage in continuous sharpening of your mind is attending seminars and conferences that are organized by experts in your field. You can learn more in one or two days from an expert than you might learn by yourself in ten or twenty years.

Attending seminars and conferences have shaped my life greatly. In 2006, I gained uncommon insight in a conference that transformed my entire life. It was at that conference that Dr. Mike Murdoch said, “The secret of your future successes are hidden in your daily routine.”

It dawned on me that my future successes are hidden in what I do daily. So if I desire a great future, I must rearrange my life. That sentence changed the way I live, and great things began to happen in my life.

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Jim Rohn said, “It’s not the cost of the book or the course that counts, it’s the cost of not having that information that you must consider.” Take action today and add great value into your life. There is no mountain anywhere, whatever looks like a mountain is a product of ignorance. See you at the top!

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