Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! When I look around the streets of Lagos sometimes and see how young people are wasting the most important stage of their lives, I get worried for Africa. Some young people live their lives as if they have a spare life somewhere. They forget that this is the only life they will ever have, and if they fail to utilize this one, they have programmed themselves for failure. Those who don’t have spare tyre should not drive rough because if anything happens to any of the tyres, you will be stranded on the highway!

Why should someone engage in endless discussions that does not add any value to his profession or destiny on daily basis? Why should someone move from house to house in search of a discussion partner almost on daily basis? Why does Africans love discussion? If you calculate the number of hours we engage in ‘yeyecious’ chatting and laughing in a year, am sure it will be more than thirty percent of our yearly activities.

Everyday, God gives a special gift called 24 hours (1,440 minutes) to everyone who is still alive on earth. What you do within that 24 hours will determine your placement in life. When it comes to time, God is not partial. The same 24 hours He gives to Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, He also gives to the beggars that hang around on the streets of Lagos, Berlin, New York and Portharcourt. The way they use their own share of time is entirely their business!

If you loose money you can still make more in future, if you loose a friend, you can still attract even better friends, but if you loose time it’s gone forever! By the end of 2016, all of us would have spent a total of 365 days, and 8,760 hours, the question is, what did you do with it?img-20161022-wa002

If you are the type that sits before the television for ten hours daily, it means that from January to December, you would have succeeded in dashing that box 3,650 hours, which is about forty percent of 2016! Am sure that on the 31st December you will engage in prophetic declarations over 2017 which is good, but you must understand that your breakthrough is tied to how you manage your time! Your problem is not the month, it’s only a change of label. Your problem is how you mismanage the precious 24 hours God gives you everyday.

Don’t ever forget that if you are 25 years old right now, you have spent a total of 9,125 days and 13,140,000 minutes on earth! If you are 50 years old, you have spent a total of 18,250 days and 26, 280,000 minutes on earth! If you sleep for twelve hours a day, it means that half of your age was buried on your bed! Life will become more productive if we calculate our years on earth by days and hours.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

The difference between you and the owners of the company you are working for is not luck, it is the ability to manage your time well. The difference between a billionaire and a pauper is not luck or favoritism, it is the ability to manage your time well. The billionaire knows what to do by himself and what to hire others to do for him. Since he knows the value of time, he spends his precious time on the most important tasks of the day, and delegate the rest.The Entrepreneur

Anytime am speaking to business people, I usually tell them that as long as they’re the chairman, manager, accountant, marketer, sales team and stock keeper, your business will never outgrow you! When I tell them to hire people to help them out, they will complain about salary. But they forget that if they are always busy from morning to closing hour, they won’t have time to think and generate more wealth creation ideas. Wealthy people learned how to major in what really matters early in life. Real wealth is in your mind, and if you don’t have time to think, it will be difficult for your business to grow.

I shared in my book, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, that several years ago, a tiny Island called the British colonized almost halve of the whole earth. They colonized Australia, Nigeria, India (before they split into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), South Africa, and every other nation that seaks English today!

Some people wondered how a tiny Island managed to colonize many nations. After their research, they discovered the secret of the British. What is that secret? Time management! When someone calls you a British man, he is trying to say that you don’t waste money, and you are always on time in every event.

If you look at Africa, you will discover that one of our major challenges is our inability to place value on time. That’s why a president or governor will fix an event by 10AM, and will show up by 4PM! No wonder we now have what we call African Time. When the British came into Africa, they saw human being, not monkeys and giraffes. The question is, why did we wait for them to discover us? Very simple, we were busy dancing in every occasion including funeral ceremony! If Africa must be transformed, we must place value on time, because time Na Money!

Michael Altshuler said; “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Carl Sandburg equally said that; “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.” Wisdom is profitable to direct!

You can order for my dvd titled, Time Management. I also wrote extensively on time management in some of my books like, The Pursuit of Excellence and Twelve Pillars of Financial Success. Keep soaring! Book your seat for Inspire Africa Project Conference that will be taking place on the 20th November, 2016 at Villa Park hotel, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. The theme is, Growing A Global Business. Are you ready? Check the handbil below for more information.img-20161022-wa002

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