Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! If you ask an average business owner in our clime to mention profitable investments, he or she will definitely mention real estate, stocks, bond, oil and gas and several others, but they will never talk about investing in themselves and in their staff! No wonder small businesses and startups die in our clime.

I still remember how a popular fast food chain that was expanding like wildfire in the 80s and early 90s went bankrupt. The owner went to further his education abroad and told his staff to manage the business, by the time he came back, the company was no longer existing!

Some of us might say that the organization went bankrupt because the owner was not around, but you must remember that corporations like Microsoft and Google are not managed by the founders. They employed quality staff, trained them, and allowed them to run the organization while they focus on other things. That fast food chain died because the owner failed to hire quality staff. He failed to invite professionals to teach them what it takes to manage that kind of organization.


Last week, the management of Divine Crown Limited, makers of world class cosmetic products invited our organization to conduct three days training for both the management, staff and sales team. Although it cost them a fortune to put together the training, but they will reap the harvest in multiple folds.

After the training, one of the salespersons said, “Now I know why I have been struggling to sell these products. My approach to sales was wrong, I am going back to my base to do great exploits.” I took them through various training, both practical and theory, and restructured their lifestyle in order to achieve greatness in their profession.

That is one in the most important investments every business owner must not joke with. No organization can succeed unless they employ the right individuals to run the organization. Even when you employ the most intelligent person on early, you must train him periodically so that he can generate mind boggling results.

Many organization have closed down because they employed mediocre staff to manage world class corporations. Some business owners who started as traders have refused to move on. They are not ready to upgrade themselves, neither are they thinking about training their apprentices and staff. No organization can can grow beyond the capacity of its managers. The quality of your staff determines the quality of your organization.

If you gather mediocre staff and ask them to run Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Microsoft, you have already determined the future of that organization. That is exactly what some business owners do in our ├žlime. They are praying and fasting for business breakthrough, but they are not planning to hire professionals that will manage the breakthrough. When the breakthrough shows up, they don’t have the capacity to manage it.

If you really want to know whether the growth of your organization is predicated on the kind of staff you have, kindly go to the village and bring one motorcycle operator (okada rider) to run your business for one year. Am very sure that after one year, you will not recognize your company any longer. To get the best out of your staff, you must do the following.


1. Mental Transformation. I was listening to a bishop and he said that one of the reasons why their church is growing globally is because of the investments he is making in their pastors. He said that he organizes all manner of training for them periodically. In one occasion, he travelled to different nations with about one hundred of them because he wanted to transform their thought pattern. Today, they have over two thousand, eight hundred branches worldwide.

A transformed mind will definitely transform your organization. You can achieve this by giving them books to read. Give them a copy each with the mandate to read and summarize the whole book within two weeks. Tell them to write down the ideas they got from the books that can be applied into your organization. Many organizations have ordered my books for this purpose. If you can do this regularly, you will exert pressure on their brain to generate fresh ideas for your organization.

You can purchase insightful teachings on cd’s that addresses a particular area of your establishment and give it to them with the mandate of grabbing every necessary idea in the teaching within a week and share with you and others. If you must get the best out of your staff, you must put positive pressure on their minds. Your staff cannot give what they don’t have.


2. Mentorship. I want you to see your staff members as students in training. If you can grow that organization to the level of employing them, then there is something you know that your staff doesn’t know. Share your experiences with them. Organize monthly mentorship session and share your wisdom with them. Doing this regularly will equally help you to grow. Since you cannot teach others if you’re not leaning new things daily, doing this will motivate you to learn more.

Some people do not like training their workers because they are afraid that they might get a better paying job and resign. That is actually true. It happens on daily basis. My advise is simple, see what you’re doing as your own little contribution to humanity. It’s painful but there is nothing you can do about it.

To prevent that, have a cordial relationship with your staff. Don’t allow them to see you as a boss, rather their friend. I have met many employees who got bigger offer and refused to grab it because according to them, their organization is a family. Just do your best and leave the rest to God. To continued. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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