Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! “A major newspaper defamed Mr. Henry Ford when it published an article that portrayed him as ignorant. Mr. Ford took the newspaper to court and while on the stand, he was questioned at length by the newspaper’s legal counsel. Question after questions was put to him, and he only had answers to few of them. Thus, concluded the attorney as he presented his case to the jury, “Mr. Ford is ignorant.”

Ford’s own lawyer then asked some questions. “Mr. Ford, when you need to know the answer to any of the previous questions, what do you do?” Ford’s reply teaches us one of the secrets to true entrepreneurial success. “When I need to know about finances, I call in my finance manager and ask him all the questions I need to have answered. The same goes for any other subject,” Ford replied. In other words, the smartest leaders in the world employ specialists who are smarter than they are.”~Bradley J. Sugars. To succeed in your organization, you must employ smart people. Give them free hands to move your organization forward.

What to do after hiring the professionals.
1. Training. How can you employ someone today and he starts work the following day? Any company or organization that know her onions cannot employ someone without adding value to what he or she already knows for the benefit of the organization. Someone told me about a bank in Nigeria that organized three months training for their new staff. After the training, they will set an examination for them to know whether they understood what they were taught, and how smart they are.Uncommon Wisdom Academy

Some human resources department of some organizations in the name of conserving money usually fail in this regard. If you invest in your staff, you will get the best out of them. Thomas John Watson Sr. Said; “Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?” Kindly train that person you’re about to hire so that you can get the best out of him or her. You can invite our organization to help you. Just call +234 7032681154.

2. Explain His or Her Job Description. The first question I usually ask anyone who is trying to employ people is; why do you need these people? What do you want the people you’re hiring to do for you? Few months ago, a young man was lamenting that he counted his servants and discovered that they are thirteen in number. He said that every meal in his house is like mini-celebration. So he was wondering when he brought all of them to the city, and I laughed my heart out.

Where purpose is not known or defined, anything goes. If he had sat down to find out the areas he needed help in his business he wouldn’t have gathered thirteen young men to live under his roof. This is exactly what happens to many business owners. You don’t just wake up and create an office or position in your organization, you must think strategically. It is the need in your organization that determines the kind of person you will hire. After employing the person, kindly write down his or her job description and make sure he or she understands it.

Dr. Mike Murdock actually make videos for his new employees. He will move around with a camera describing what he wants the person to do, and give the person the video to watch and assimilate. That individual cannot resume in his new office unless he understands what the organization expects him to accomplish. Communication is usually an issue in every organization. Kindly communicate clearly. Let the person know exactly what he or she is hired to do.

3. Teach Him or Her Your Values. What are your values? Your values are principles or standards of behavior you hold in a high esteem. For example, I hate lateness, unless something untoward happened. Instead of attending events late, I will be at the venue one hour or thirty minutes earlier. Let the person know that lies and deceit are not allowed in your organization.The Entrepreneur

I know a boss who usually tell anyone he employs that he will only fire them the very day they lie or steal money. I also heard about a popular minister of God who will fire you the very first time you steal something. He believes that anyone that steals can equally kill.

4. Give Him or Her A Target . Finally, set a target for that new staff. You cannot get the best out of your staff if you don’t stretch them. Several years ago, people will simply go to the village and bring new set of apprentice and keep them in their shops. The servants will just be hanging around in the shop and most times, stealing from their bosses.

Nowadays, if you want to get the best out of your servant or apprentice, allow him to stay in your head office for six months so that he can learn your line of trade very well. After that, open another shop for him and give him a capital depending on your capacity. It could be N500,000 or N2million or whatever. The deal is, after the first year, you will take back your capital and the amount you paid for the shop. What it means is that every other money he makes will be profits and he will be settled from there. When people started applying this strategy, they discovered that their servants are now hardworking and frugal.

Set target for that person you just hired. Let him or her know that you are not running a charity organization. Setting target will help you to get the best out of him or her. But make sure that the target have human face. Several years ago, I read a cartoon that portrays what those who work in the marketing department of banks go through. Their boss said, “You need to meet a target of N350 million this September….now what are you waiting for?” The marketing guys replied, “Ak47 and some juju powers to aid us sir.”

It’s a humorous cartoon but it shows what employees go through in different companies, especially in banks. Please, the target you’re setting for your staff should be reasonable. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like to be given that same target? Hope this discussion has blessed you, especially those who own companies and other organizations. If you want me to write more on this, kindly indicate at the comment section. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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