Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I strongly believe that this world will become a better place if we treat other people with respect no matter the position we occupy in the society. The very day we understand that our house-helps, guards, drivers and cleaners are humans like us and treat them with respect, this world will become a better place.

Some of the people we celebrate today were servants yesterday. If you read biographies you will understand that anybody can become somebody one day. John C. Maxwell told a story of a successful business man who had an appointment with Nelson Mandela and how it changed his life.

“On the day of their appointment, Peter (the successful business man) dressed in his best and asked one of the company drivers, Dumi, to take him to Mr. Mandela’s home. To Peter’s amazement, his host was waiting for him in the parking area. Peter recalled, “I felt both extremely elated and humbled that Mr. Mandela was waiting outside for me.

He warmly greeted the driver and me. He then gestured that we enter the house. However, in the traditional way of corporate behaviour and protocol, the driver retreated quietly and remained in the car. Mr. Mandela invited me to the breakfast table. Just before we started eating, my host seemed to miss something. He asked, “Peter, I thought there were two of you?” I responded, “No sir. I came alone.” “What about the other gentleman?” He insisted, and I replied, “No sir. That one is just a driver. He will wait in the car.”

At that point Mr. Mandela stood up and went out to where the driver was. He introduced himself to the driver and asked him to join us for breakfast. Mr. Mandela then walked to kitchen and said, “Dumi is joining us for breakfast. Can we have another plate, please?”

Peter never forgot what Mandela did. And neither did Dumi. Peter went on to say, “When leaders learn to see the personalities that lie behind these seemingly humble titles (drivers, guards, and servants), the people in those jobs do not feel appreciated, they discover and walk into new horizons of their lives. They become great performers at what they do. They find personal fulfilment.”What did you learn from this story?

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