Welcome to #LessonsFromLeadership101 on Inspire Africa Project! The major strength of underdogs is their ability to change the status quo and introduce their own strategy. If T.E Lawrence and his troop had fought that war in a conventional way, the Turks would have turned them to barbecue because they had superior weapons.

T. E Lawrence and his men decided to take the Turks by surprise by using an unimaginable strategy that baffled the Turks and frustrated all their efforts. The result of this battle shows that there is a set of advantage that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources- and the reason underdogs win as often as they do is that the latter is sometimes every bit the equal of the former.

Haven’t you discovered that the children of the rich usually depend on the wealth of their parents which stifle their talents and creative ingenuity? The poor on the other hand has nothing to loose, so he goes all out, invent his own strategy and move straight to the top.

It has been discovered that the immigrants creates wealth faster in the United States of America than the citizens. While the citizens are taking things easy, the immigrants knew that it was poverty that brought them into that country in the first place, so they will invent their own strategy, and give poverty a bloody nose!

So when you see David and Goliath, T. E Lawrence and the Turks army, don’t conclude that the giants will win because underdogs have a different approach that will shock the giants. If you’re an underdog, and you want to confront giants and win, the five powerful strategies of T. E Lawrence and his troop will help you. Let’s consider them.

1. Movement. If you want to confront giants and defeat them, you must break out of your comfort zone! Anyone who wants prosper but refuses to embrace change will definitely struggle the rest of his life. Movement in this context connotes embracing new ways of doing things.

It connotes leaving your comfort zone and doing things differently in order to generate uncommon results. Movement means changing your location so that you can gain access to your location.

As long as you are in the company of those who celebrate mediocrity and give good reasons why poverty and smallness is good for them, you can never achieve any meaningful thing in life. So you must move mentally, physically and strategically if you really want to achieve great things in life.

T. E Lawrence and his troop were always on the move which made it difficult for the Turks to attack them. The Turks represents poverty and smallness, if you want to overtake and conquer them, you must be on the move all the time!

2. Endurance. What really challenged me about the story of T. E Lawrence and his troop was their ability to endure discomfort in order to achieve their aim. Covering six hundred miles (965.606 kilometres) on foot through a snake infested forest is one of the most difficult things to do in life, yet T. E Lawrence and his troop endured the pain and did the impossible!

That is the major pathway to success in life. One of the major reasons why poverty is celebrated across Africa is our love for the comfort zone. Haven’t you discovered that we dance in every occasion including funeral ceremonies? We live a carefree lifestyle that leads to penury and obscurity.

You cannot build a world class enterprise without enduring pain and serious discomfort. You cannot build a conglomerate without facing difficult challenges that will demand high level endurance.

Every soldier engaged in an endurance test before they qualified to be enrolled in the army. In fact, when you join the army, you will face all manner of obstacles that wants to send you back home, but if you surmount them through endurance, then you’re qualified to be called a soldier.

I strongly believe that one of the major reasons why poverty is prevalent in our clime is because only few people can endure the pain of wealth creation. If you see some billionaires that made their money in a genuine way, kindly ask them what they went through.

I know a billionaire in Nigeria that must be in the office by 7:AM every morning, and sometimes leave the office around 2:AM! Most billionaires and great achievers sleep for maximum of four hours daily because there are many assignments that are waiting for them. I know a servant of God whom God helped to establish a global ministry that have worked for sixteen hours daily for over thirty years!

I have always insisted that greatness is not cheap! There is a price for the prize. It takes a serious approach to command a glorious life. Easy way out is the longest and most useless way ever known to man. Greatness demands high level endurance because there are many huddles to cross.

Before Jesus could become the King of kings and the Lord of lords, He had to go through excruciating pain that consisted of flogging that tore His skin, crown with six inches nails that they pressed into His head, and endure the nails that pierced through His hands and feet on the Cross!

Sweet sermons and get rich quick prophecies have contributed in raising strugglers across Africa. Yes there is a place for prayer and prophecy, but anybody that tells you that you can circumvent your duty with them has succeeded in rendering you useless in life! There is no star without a scar! Rodney A. Winters said that, “Scars are not signs of weakness, they are signs of survival and endurance.” To be continued.

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