Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! Money can multiply or depreciate depending on the kind of person that has it. If money enters into the house of a waster, it will depreciate rapidly. But if it enters into the house of a wise investor, it will stay and multiply. Money can become your employee or your boss depending on the way you treat it. If you’re a waster it will become your boss, but if you’re a wise investor, it will serve you for life.

Whenever you see someone who is always in need of money, or always under pressure to meet his needs, it’s possible that he is one of the billions of people money employed across the world. But if you see someone who lives a simple life, who refuses to live above his means in order to please people who don’t even care, you have seen one of the employers of money. The question is, are you an employee of money or the boss of money?

The second thing that separates the poor and the rich is their different views about money. The rich and the poor see money differently. For example, if you meet an average poor man in our clime right now and give him ten thousand dollars, the first set of things he will think about are his needs.covers-book-3

He will get a new apartment, go down to the village and build four bedroom bungalow so that the villagers will no longer laugh at him. He will definitely change school for his children, organize a remembrance party for his father that died in 1985, go for special thanksgiving in the church, and go to a pub with his friends to “enjoy” life. By the time he is through, the money would have disappered, and he will look for a seer to show him the man that is after his destiny.

However, if you give that same ten thousand dollars to a wealthy man or an individual who is financially intelligent, the first thing he will think about are investments. Although he has pressing needs like that poor man, but he knows that if he spends that money, he has killed its ability to multiply. He will invest the money in a profitable venture, and keep living his normal life because he knows the secret of delayed gratification.

So the different between the rich and the poor is their perception about money. The poor sees money as a means of meeting his needs, but the rich sees it as a tool for investment. The poor sees money as a tool for enjoyment, but the rich sees it as a means of creating wealth.

The poor spends tomorrow’s income in advance, but the rich uses today’s income to create tomorrow’s wealth. The rich lives a simple life despite the fact that he can afforded to live an extravagant life, but the poor who struggles to survive squander every dime that enters into his hands to show his neighbours that he has arrived.

Whenever I see an old man hawking things on the traffic I usually ask myself, what was he doing when he was younger? Does it means he didn’t know that he would be old one day? What did he do with all the money he made in his 20s and 40s? One thing many peoples do not know is that the money you squander today could have taken care of you at old age! That N600, 000 you just squandered in unimportant wedding reception could have taken care of you when you’re too weak to work.

Every waster will always live under economic harsh weather. Our greatest challenge in Africa is unguarded wastages. Many people are waiting for their millions to arrive and forget that the millions they are waiting for are hidden in the thousands they have right now.

I have seen people who believe that spiritual armed robbers are stealing their money, but after brainstorming with them, we discovered that it was actually extravagant lifestyle that caused it. Money is called currency because it flows like a river; it’s either flowing towards your direction or away from you depending on the kind of structures you have. If you are a waster, money will keep running away from you.15 Laws of Money

Haven’t you seen a man who barely feed his family but throw a big party to remember his grandfather that died in 1945? The spirit of squandermania is the number one reasons why many people may never be wealthy in this life. Unfortunately most of us believe that the devil is the one responsible for their wretchedness.

My people perish because they have refused to learn. How can we suffocate waste and migrate from serving money, to employing money? To be continued. Meanwhile, you can order for one of my books titled 15 Laws Of Money and learn about money. Wisdom profitable to direct!

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