Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! Every waster will always live under economic harsh weather. Our greatest challenge in Africa is unguarded wastages. Many people are waiting for their millions to arrive and forgot that the millions they are waiting for are hidden in the thousands they have right now.

I have seen people who believed that spiritual armed robbers were stealing their money, but after a brainstorming session with them, we discovered that it was their extravagant lifestyle that brought them to where they have found themselves. If you drink five bottles of beer daily, you will definitely squander about N14 million in thirty years time. And by the law of compound interest, you actually squandered over N30 million in thirty years time. Whenever you see a man with potbelly who drinks beer, he is indirectly telling you that he buried his duplex in his stomach.

The most popular one day celebration called Christmas is almost here, and some people are already loosing their minds. Some people labour from January to December every year, only to squander everything for just one day celebration. You have 365 days in a year, why should you forget 364 days and waste all your resources in just one day occasion? Those who read my articles regularly will remember that I usually tell them that January is not far from 25th December. January 2017 will demand for all the money you squandered during Christmas celebration.15 Laws of Money

It is not necessarily the amount of money you earn that determines how wealthy you will become. Someone can be earning N500,000 monthly and still be borrowing money from friends before the end of every month. Another person can be earning N30,000 and succeed in saving N10,000 or N5,000 from it on monthly basis. You can be earning fat salary and have a tiny future. Another person can be earning tiny salary and have a fat future. Your money habit will determine your future.

Some of the people you call millionaires are actually struggling financially. They are struggling because of the fake lifestyle they are living. The problem with that kind of lifestyle is; if you succeed in portraying yourself as a wealthy person, it will be difficult for you to lower your standard. That’s why many politicians can never retire. Retiring means changing their lifestyle, and they are not ready to stand the ‘shame.’

Others don’t really have the money, but they started living an extravagant lifestyle so that they can seen as wealthy individuals. Now they are in a big mess. They are struggling to eat on daily basis but they are still living a duplex they rented. Their children are out of school, but they cannot sell their four cars because they do not want people to think they are poor. They are now suffering and smiling. Is that not slavery?

The greatest tragedy in life is to purchase the car you cannot comfortably afford, borrow money to rent a big apartment, send your children to a secondary school where you pay $3,000 (N1.4 million) per term, borrow money to travel on holiday, borrow from another person to host people at Sheraton hotel for your birthday, and do other crazy stuff just to please the people who don’t even care!The Entrepreneur

If you’re in that category, the wisest thing you should do now is to change your lifestyle. Don’t allow societal pressure to keep you in perpetual bondage. How can you continue to live in a duplex that consumes a greater chunk of your annual income just to please others? If your annual income is N5 million, and your rent is N2million, you’re actually a slave to your landlord. There are people who even give their landlords over sixty percent of their annual income just to be seen as wealthy individuals. That’s slavery.

Money is called currency because it flows like a river; it’s either flowing towards your direction or away from you depending on the kind of structures you have. If you are a waster, money will keep running away from you. Haven’t you seen a man who barely feed his family throw a big party to remember his father that died forty years ago?

The spirit of squandermania is the number one reasons why many people may never be wealthy in this life. Today is day 331 in 2016. If you started saving N1,000 daily from the first day of January, you will have N331,000 in your account right now. If you started saving N5,000 you will have N1,655,000 in your account right now.

If you are making enough money and chose to save 10,000 daily, you would have saved N3,310,000 by now. If you chose to start small and started saving just N200 daily, you would have saved N66,200. With N66,000 you can purchase a half plot of land in some developing area in Lagos State.

You can now see why I consistently say that poverty is a choice. If you calculate the amount of money you made in the last 331 days, and check how much you failed to save, you will discover that you’re the spiritual armed robber you have been binding for ages. Waste kills your future income in advance.

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