Welcome to Kingdom Manna! Spiritual deafness is not only tragic, it can also ruin your entire life. David fought about 66 battles and did not loose any of them because he usually ask God for direction before going.

Whenever someone ask me how to hear from God, I usually ask if they can recognise the voice of their mother in a crowded environment, and they usually say yes. Then the answer is simple; if God is your Father, and the Holy Spirit lives in you, you suppose to hear His voice; the only challenge is we hardly listen! One instruction from God can solve the puzzle you have been trying to grapple with for ages.

This story will explain the importance of hearing from God better. “Madeline Belletta is a very spiritual person. For her, inquiring within means talking to God and listening to His answers. In 1984, Madeline’s life and her success path were dramatically changed when her fellow church members prayed for a solution to her fatigue and heard FRESH ROYAL JELLY.

Not understanding this clear directive, she investigated and discovered that royal jelly was the food substance worker bee fed to the queen in their hives-a wholesome and highly nourishing liquid that was just starting to be distributed in England as a nutritional supplement.

In time, Madeline started to get better. And soon, she began to pray about whether royal jelly was meant to do more than just help her. START A COMPANY was the response to her prayers. And so Madeline did. Today, Bee-Alive is a multimillion dollar company that has distributed nutritional products containing royal jelly to hundreds of thousands of people nationwide.

And through it all, Madeline has powerfully asked for guidance and listened attentively to the answers. “I believe God gave me the vision, the inspiration, the strength, and the courage to see it through,” said Madeline. For example, by her second year in business, Madeline’s marketing efforts had produced few results. In fact, with only $450 left in her account, her accountant advised that she fold up and move on.

Madeline returned from that meeting, locked herself in her room, and cried and prayed and cried and prayed. On the third day, Madeline received the word RADIO, and decided to bet her remaining $450 on radio commercials that list $45 apiece. Within days she was making steady sales again.

Impressed by her passionate commitment to her product, the radio station eventually interviewed her on one of their talk shows, and by the time she returned home from that interview, recording artist Pat Boone had called asking about royal jelly and how it might help his daughter.

A few months latter, Boone called back to tell her how pleased he was with the effects of the royal jelly. When he said, “If there’s anything I can ever do for you, I’d be glad to,” Madeline asked him to record three radio commercials. Boone agreed, and soon Bee-Alive was on 500 radio stations across America selling millions of dollars worth of product.”-Jack Canfield.

Today, her son, Jason Belletta is the CEO of the company. What an uncommon spiritually rugged woman. It shows that God is even interested in every area of our lives including business. I will share my thoughts on hearing from God next Sunday, but for now, what lessons did you learn from this story? Kindly share with others on the comment section. Welcome to the week of wonders. See you at the top! Connect with us on Facebook: Inspire Africa Project.


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