Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There is a difference between self-motivation and complete denial of a fact that is crystal clear. There is also a difference between positive confession and reality. A couple that is always fighting and quarreling should stop saying it is well and sit down to find out why they’re always having issues.

Saying it is well when your business is crumbling sounds nice, but don’t forget to sit down and ascertain the cause of your downfall. It could be bad management, or lack of proper accounting. Asking yourself critical questions will save you from heartache.

Looking for who is after us when things go wrong has rendered many people useless in Africa. When things happen, we don’t engage in creative analyses to ascertain the cause, we simply blame or bind the devil and our enemies.

Haven’t you discovered that when someone dies in this clime we don’t ask what killed him, rather we ask who killed him? Why? Because we believe that every death is a product of satanic attack even when the person killed himself through reckless lifestyle.

It’s good to confess Scriptures over your job when your boss discipline or even suspend you, but you must find out why it happened. You must sit down and strategize on how not to repeat what prompted your boss to discipline you in the first place. If you fail to do that, you will keep getting sack letters whenever you get a job.

Asking critical questions have helped me to solve problems that would have required forty days midnight warfare within one hour! On several occasions, I have used this strategy to help people settle issues that have taken them to several prayer houses and deliverance sessions.

There is no way I can ask you ten questions without finding out how you became the enemy you’re binding. In nine out of ten cases I have handled, the people were guilty of what they were blaming either the devil or their enemies for.

The worst mistake you will ever make in this life is to lie to yourself or use religious jargon to cover what is obvious. Anyone who is having delay in conception should go to the hospital and find out what is causing the delay so that she will know what to tell God in prayer. Saying it it’s well when you’re actually drowning in a well is a great disservice to yourself.The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Probably you’re currently overweight, and all you’re saying to yourself is it is well. You’re actually lying to yourself. Get a good nutritionist to help you balance your diet, hit the gym immediately to get rid of those fat, and then pray that God will do the rest. You can now come back and say it is well.

A lady whom men run away from should not just relax and be saying it is well. Something is wrong. Either there is a spiritual dimension to it, or you have a negative attitude that keeps showing men that you’re not a wife material. So what should you do? Meet an honest person who knows you to tell you the truth about your attitude. Join your faith with your spiritual leader to pray against any demonic manipulation, then you can come back and say it is well!

I strongly believe that whenever some of us start asking God to deal with an area we have refused to tell ourselves an honest truth, God would look down from the balcony of heaven and wonder the kind of children we are. How can someone who squandered his money turn around to bind spiritual armed robbers?

How can a lazy man bind the spirit of poverty or pray for breakthrough? How can a cantankerous lady bind the demon of delay in marriage? We must stop lying to ourselves. Sit down and tell yourself that hitter truth you have been avoiding. You cannot get a different result as long you you are comfortable with the old formula.

“Early in her career, Miss Stevens lost the Metropolitan Opera “Auditions of the Air.” After losing, Miss Stevens was bitter. “I longed to hear,” she said, “that my voice was really better than other girl’s, that the verdict was grossly unfair, that I had just lacked the right connections to win.”

But Miss Stevens’s teacher didn’t coddle her. Instead she said to Miss Stevens, “My dear, have the courage to face your faults.” “Much as I wanted to fall back on self-pity,” continued Miss Stevens, “they (those words) kept coming back to me. That night they woke me. I couldn’t sleep until I faced my shortcomings.

Lying there in the dark, I asked myself, ‘Why did I fail?’ ‘How can I win next time?’ and I admitted to myself that my voice range was not as good as it had to be, that I had to perfect my language, that I must learn more roles.”

Miss Stevens went on to say how facing her faults not only helped her to succeed on stage but helped her win more fiends and developed a more pleasing personality.”12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Being self-critical is constructive. It helps you to build the personal strength and efficiency needed for success. Blaming others is destructive. You gain absolutely nothing from “proving” that someone else is wrong.

Don’t, of course, try to find your faults so you can say to yourself, “Here’s another reason I’m a loser.” Instead view your mistakes as “Here’s another way to make me a bigger winner.” No wonder the great Orville Hubbard once said, “A failure is a man who has blundered but is not able to cash in on the experience.”

Dear fiend, stop hiding under faith confession when things go awry. Tell yourself the bitter truth and make corrections. I know a lot of people who are practically stranded in life because they refused to face the truth and make necessary adjustments. Don’t be like them. Face the truth, make corrections and keep making uncommon progress in your generation. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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