Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! On my way to a speaking engagement few weeks ago, I passed through a particular street that you can call the enclave of those who are poor but don’t even know it. I saw some women who were carrying their children on the back sweating while cooking. Their children were playing on the road while some parents were either sitting or lying down on the street because there was no electricity.

As I looked at where they live, the first thing that came to my mind was, people are really suffering in Africa. But on the second look, I discovered that they were actually laughing and chatting just like normal people would do. That was when today’s topic popped up in my mind.

Many people are poor in Africa and don’t even know that they are poor because they have lived in it all their lives! They fetch water from a dirty stream, cook with firewood, sleep in shanty like houses, send their children to broken down government schools, go to community market where they see people like themselves, and live that way the rest of their lives.

That’s why I insist that poverty is not the absence of cash, but the condition of your mind. The people I described above are not where they are because they don’t have money, but the condition of their mind’s have kept them there. It will be very difficult to make a poor man rich unless you change his worldview.

If you want to see radical changes take place in your life, there are three things you must do.Road to Success Seminar
1. Capture New Pictures.

The mind functions like a camera, whatever it captures will be printed out in real life. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. You cannot think like a pauper and end up like a billionaire.

Let me illustrate it this way. If you were born in a wealthy family that lives in Lekki, Banana Island or Maitama, and you grew up having and seeing the best things life can offer, and even went to one of the best schools in the world, it will be difficult for you to be so poor that you relocate to Makoko in Logos. Even if we send you to Saigon or the remotest part of this earth, you will definitely succeed because that’s all you have ever known.

But if you were born in the kind of place I described above, where fifty people live in one house and struggle to use one toilet and bathroom; or in a place were you and seven of your siblings including your parents live in one room apartment, you must work very hard not just to make money, but to change your mindset before you can prosper.

The kind of pictures you stored in your memory and the one a child that was born in New York stored in his memory are wide apart. It’s very easy for people like those I described above to have low self-esteem and to believe that poverty and struggles are normal. So what do we do? You must detoxify your mind.

In my book, The untapped Treasures, I said that people like that needs mental cleansing. I struggled with this for a very long time until I started reading inspirational books. You can take these steps.The untapped Treasures

A. Read Inspirational Books.

I will urge you to read at least ten biographies of people who impacted their generation positively. Make sure you read at least four inspirational books every month. To get rid of negative mindset you must expose your mind to inspiring informations. If you can read forty-eight inspirational and destiny molding books this year, the lion in you will find expression to roar!

Take responsibility today and get rid of that mindset that has limited you all these years. I have seen people who believe that they are not qualified to prosper. They believe that some people are destined to prosper while others will end up with average life. That’s the kind of mentality our background can create in us.

B. Listen To Inspirational Speakers.

I have been in Abuja for few days and one of the things I did yesterday was to go to the bookshop of one of my favourite speakers and downloaded many insightful teachings, and I have been feasting on them since then. Delete all those junks on your device and download life changing teachings that will rebuild your mind.

What enters through your ears has the power to change the way you think. Let your car become your mobile lecture hall from today and maximize the time you spend on the traffic daily. When light invades your mind, darkness will checkout immediately!

C. Attend Conferences and Seminars.

I will never forget the impact the conference I attended in 2006 had on me. It was in that conference that Dr. Mike Murdorck said something that changed my life. He said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routing.”

I don’t know how others felt about that phrase, but it revolutionized my life. That was the day I learned that we don’t have future. I discovered that my future successes are hidden in what I do on daily basis. That is what happens when you attend conferences. What will change your life might be just a word, a phrase or a sentence.

Just imagine the kind of revolution that will take place in your mind on the 6th of March 2016 if you come to World Changer’s Conference and listen to; Work Ethics 101, Success Zones, Road to Success and The Power of Focus? Invest in your mind today if you really want to become a reference point in your generation.

My greatest discovery in life is that your mental picture determines your actual future! You can alter your life by altering the way you think. Steve Maraboil said, “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”


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