Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities. To be continued. Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I have a passion for the transformation of Africa. The rate of poverty in this continent is alarming and unacceptable. In the introduction of my book, 15 Laws of Money, I made the following statement.

“In 2010, Africa reached the one billion mark in terms of population, yet infrastructure and other societal issues remain the same. It has been identified that in the areas like agriculture, water, fisheries, forestry, tourism, and human capital, Africa is worth over 1.671 trillion dollars potentially.

The current proven stock of extractable resources in Africa like crude oil, natural gas, coal and uranium worth’s between 13 to 14.5 trillion dollars.”

The question now is, why are the citizens of Africa poor in the midst of this abundance? Why is the wealthies continent on earth occupied by predominantly poor people? Why should I buy petrol for N86.50k when the raw material for petrol is abundant in Nigeria? Why should the 7th largest oil producing Nation in the world have four non-functional refineries?

Why should petrol and kerosene be scarce in a nation that has crude oil? Why should Dubai build a paradise in the desert with little resource and African leaders travel around the world with begging bowls? Why should we be contented with poverty and lack? If African leaders want to change this continent, the first thing they must focus on is mental transformation.

If I am a governor in any of the Northern states in Nigeria, fifty percent of my annual budget should be directed towards education. You cannot change the poor by giving them money and food, you can only transform them through mental revolution!

If you want to break out of poverty and littleness, the first thing you must do is to organise for mental transformation. Yesterday we looked at the first step we must take if we really want to change our lives. Let’s consider the second step. Road to Success Seminar

2. Change Your Association.

Show me the people you spend most of your time with, and I will show you how you will end up in this life. The challenge with the kind of people I narrated in yesterday’s article is that their friends are like them. You live in Makoko or Ajegunle, and all your friends live in the same environment and you are hoping to climb the ladder of success.

If you want to leave where you are, you must change the kind of friends you have. If all your friends think like you, and none is bothered about their condition, you must do something right away. You need new friends who are ahead of you and have achieved great things in life to stretch you. If you are on the ground and all your friends are on the ground, how can you get up? It’s very simple, look for those who are flying to help you out.

Somebody in Makoko should ask a successful individual in Lekki to mentor him for instance. If you are working for a wealthy person don’t just be contented with collecting salary, meet him or her and beg for mentorship. Why should a bodyguard follow a billionaire around for ten years and remain a bodyguard? You follow the man virtually to every board meeting, yet you are contented with collecting salary! Go for mentorship not money!

You need uncommon insight that will push you out of your small world. This story explains it better.

“When Tim Ferriss was 12 years old, an unidentified caller left this Jim Rohn quote on his answering making. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It changed his life forever. For days, he couldn’t get the idea out of his mind. At only 12 years of age, Tim recognized that the kids he was hanging out with were not the ones he wanted to influence his future.

So he went to his mom and dad and asked them to send him to private school. Four years at St. Paul’s School set him on a path that led to a junior year abroad in Japan studying judo and Zen meditation; four years at Princeton University, where he became an all-American wrestler; a national kickboxing champion; and eventually starting his own company at the age of 23.

Tim knew what every parent intuitively knows- that we become like the people we hang out with!”-Jack Canfield. Changing his close friends changed his life forever.15 Laws of Money

I don’t really know why poor people always hang around with people like them. And all they talk about most of the time is how wicked or diabolical wealthy people are, or that every rich person will not go to heaven. They are looking for ways to pacify themselves. Move away from them immediately and look for an accomplished individual who has a good reputation to mentor you.

If you want to fly in life and choose to hang out with those who are on the ground, you can never fly. You can find successful people by joining a professional association. Attend conferences and connect with like minds. Volunteer to serve somewhere, it can even be in your church so that you will learn from others.

Instead of travelling by road you can fly in an airplane and connect with people. If you fly in business class or even first class, you will definitely meet some of the influential people you watch on the television or read about on the newspaper. Break out of your comfort zone! Do something different and refuse to die in a corner. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! To be continued.


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