Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! One of my greatest discoveries in life is that whatever you pamper will linger. Anything you accommodate will escalate. Poverty is not an African, it is only a traveller that settles where it is welcomed! If you are poor and you are not bothered about your condition, nothing will change around you.

If you are sick and instead of rejecting and fighting it with scriptural ammunitions you are pampering it, the sickness will build a mansion in your body. If the condition of your family is not giving you sleepless nights, it means you are going to live with it for a very long time.

Most people in our clime only complain about their challenges but they hardly do anything to change them. Most Nigerians lament about many things, but they are not doing anything to correct them. Complaining about your challenges will never change it until you take practical steps. If there is no cause, there cannot be any effect.

Every object is at a state of rest until an external force is applied to it. Nothing moves in this life until somebody takes full responsibility to move it! Stop lamenting and start acting. Let’s look at at the final step we must take to get rid of our poor background.Road to Success Seminar
3. Change Your Environment.

If you change your mind and your friends, but failed to change your environment, it will be a little difficult to break out of your littleness. Kindly take a critical look at the people that lives in your neighborhood, what kind of people are they? Our environment influences the way we talk, think and behave.

For example, if somebody that lives in Lagos drives in London or New York you will novice it. Why? Because of the crazy way we drive here. In fact, if you traveled during the Christmas period, you will discover that it’s very easy to notice Lagos drivers. Some of us hardly obey traffic rules and we can overtake a vehicle from any angle. If somebody that usually obey traffic rules in Abuja relocates to Lagos and drives for six months, he will definitely start driving like us. That is how our environment influences us.

It’s very easy to notice somebody who lives in Mushin or Ajegunle in Lagos because of the way they talk. If you see the children that were born the same day in both Lekki and Mushin in ten years time, you will easily notice the impact of their environment.

While speaking in Kafanchan few days ago, I asked the people a simple question; if you bring seven years old boys from Aba, Kafanchan, Makoko, Okpoko in onitsha, Lekki and Banana Island, will you notice any difference? They said yes. You will definitely notice the difference in their language, carriage and dress sense!

All the Jews that left Egypt (except Caleb and Joshua) did not make it to the Promised Land because of the impact Egypt had on them. It was in Egypt that they learned how to worship idols and ended up worshiping the golden calf when Moses went to meet God on the mountain, and thousands of people lost their lives on the process.

The two daughters of Lot learned the secrets of sexual perversion in Sodom and Gomorrah, and they ended up sleeping with their father after making him drunk, and gave birth to the enemies of God called, Moabites and Amonites! Even if you don’t want to leave your environment, kindly do it because of your children. The influence that environment will have on your children might destroy their enviable destiny. If you insist on living where you are right now, the only option that is left for you is to start flowing with people that will influence you positively.

If you live in Mushin and you constantly flow with people who lives in Lekki, Victoria Island and New York, your lifestyle will become completely different from your neighbours, and it’s just a matter of time before your leave that environment. If you live in Lekki and start flowing with area boys and gangs that lives in a slum, it’s just a matter of time before you leave where you are and moving into that area.

I want you to understand that your mindset, friendship and environment are the major factors that shapes your life. I play table tennis very well today because of the influence Isolo and Mushin had on me. There was a time I learnt that greater percentage of table tennis stars in Nigeria were discovered in Mushin!

There are some believers who still behave like the mild version of area boys because of their environment. The truth about life is that you cannot be doing the same thing and expect a different result. One plus one will always be two both today and in one hundred years time. If you want to get different results kindly analyse your friends, your environment, and your mentality. The moment you do some adjustments in these three areas, you will definitely get different results from today.The Entrepreneur

If Bill Gates is your friend or mentor, there is no way you can be poor in this life unless you have a covenant with poverty! If a peasant farmer in one of the remote areas in Nigeria is your best friend or mentor, you don’t have to tell me how you will end up in this life. The truth about life is, any tree that cannot give you a cool shade in a sunny afternoon should not be either your friend, mentor or acquaintance!

Megan Whalen Turner said, “Sometimes, if you want to change a man’s mind, you have to change the mind of the man next to him first.” Leo Buscaglia equally opined, “Don’t walk in my head with your dirty feet.”

My final advise is, to change your life, you must change your mindset, friendship and your environment. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! Keep soaring! ‎


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