Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Life is a journey, the clearer your destination, the faster you travel. It’s only a mad man that wakes up every morning and go from place to place without having any destination in mind. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to wake up every morning without having a destination in mind.

Many people are living like a man who went to the ticket counter at the airport and told an airline officials to give him a ticket. The airline officials asked the man, “Where are you traveling to?” He said that he doesn’t know, all he wanted was a ticket. They may end up giving him a ticket to Syria or Afghanistan! That’s exactly how millions of people live on this planet.

The very day you invited stagnation was the day you failed to define your destination in life. If you fail to set a goal post you will never score any goal no matter how hard you try. If Manchester United and Chelsea are playing a match today without goal posts, will you pay to watch the match? The answer is no. Why? Because the most important reason why thousands of people gather to watch a football match is to see their team score goals. Many people want to score goals but failed to set up the goal post.15 Laws of Money

If you fail to set a goal or a target for yourself, you will never arrive at any destination. Every bit of human progress- our inventions, medical discoveries, engineering triumphs, business successes and every other great accomplishments were first visualized before they became realities.

A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream; it’s a dream being acted upon. A goal is more than a hazy “Oh, I wish I could.” A goal is a clear “This is what I’m working toward.” Nothing happens, no forward steps are taken, until a goal is established. Without goals individuals just wander through life. They stumble along, never knowing where they are going, so they never get anywhere.

Goals are as essential to success as air is to life. No one ever stumbles into success without a goal. No one ever lives without air. Get a clear fix on where you want to go. Sit down and define your destination in this life. If you don’t, you will engage in any venture that looks attractive, but may not necessarily lead to success.

The progressive corporations plan goal ten to thirty years ahead. Executives who manage leading businesses must ask, “Where do we want our company to be in ten years from now?” Then they gauge their efforts accordingly. New plant capacity is built not for today’s needs but rather for needs five to ten years in the future. Research is undertaken to develop products that won’t appear for a decade or longer.

Each of us can learn a precious lesson from the forward looking executives. We can and should plan at least ten years ahead. You must form an image now of the person you want to be in ten years from now. This is a critical thought. Just as the business that neglects to plan ahead will be just another business (if it even survives), the individual who fails to set long-range goals will most certainly be just another person lost in life’s shuffle. Without goals we cannot grow or go forward.

David J. Schwartz shared this story. “Just last week a young man (let me call him F. B.) came to me with a career problem. F. B. looked well mannered and intelligent. He was single and had finished college four years ago.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

We talked for a while about what he was doing now, his education, his aptitudes, and general background. Then I said to him, “You came to see me for help on making a job change. What kind of job are you looking for?”

“Well,” he said, “that’s what I came to see you about. I don’t know what I want to do.” His problem, of course, was a very common one. But I realized that just to arrange for the young man to have interviews with several possible employers would not help him. Trial and error is a pretty poor way to select a career.

With dozens of career possibilities, the odds of stumbling into the right choice are several dozens to one. I knew I had to help F. B. see that before he starts going some place career wise, he’s got to know where that someplace is.

So I said, “Let’s look at your career plan from this angle. Will you describe for me your image of yourself ten years from now?” F. B., obviously studying the question, finally said, “Well, I guess I want what just about everyone else wants: a good job that pays well and a nice home. Really, though, I haven’t given it too much thought.”

This, I assured him, was quite natural. I went on to explain that his approach to selecting a career was like going to an airline ticket counter and saying, “Give me a ticket.” The people selling the tickets just can’t help you unless you give them a destination. So I said, “And I can’t help you find a job until I know what your destination is, and only you can tell me that.”

This jarred F. B. into thinking. We spent the next two hours not talking about the merits of different kinds of jobs, but rather discussing how to set goals. F. B. learned, I believe, the most important lesson in career planning: before you start out, know where you want to go.”

So like progressive corporation, plan ahead. You are in a sense a business unit. Your talent, skill, and abilities are your products. You want to develop your products so they command the highest possible price. Forward planning will do it.

Here are two steps that will help: first, visualize your future in terms of three departments; work, home, and social life. Dividing your life this way keeps you from becoming confused, prevents conflicts, helps you look at the whole picture.

Secondly, demand of yourself clear, precise answers to these questions: What do I want to accomplish with my life? What do I want to be? and what does it take to satisfy me? Use the planning guide below to carry out this exercise.

An Image of Me, Ten Years From Now: Ten Years’ Planning Guide.
A. Work Department:
1. What income level do I want to attain?
2. What level of responsibility do I seek?
3. How much authority do I want to command?
4. What prestige do I expect to gain from my work?

B. Home Department: Ten years from now;
1. What kind of standard of living do I want to provide for my family and myself?
2. What kind of house do I want to live in?
3. What kind of vacation do I want to take?
4. What financial support do I want to give my children in their early adult years?
5. What steps do I take to help my family grow spiritually?

C. Social Department: Ten years from now;
1. What kind of friends do I want to have?
2. What social group do I want to join?
3. What worthwhile causes do I want to champion?
4. What impact would I want to make in my community?

I advise you spend quality time this weekend to answer the above questions. Get what I call an idea diary, or you can call it my goal diary and answer every question satisfactorily. The answers to each question is the picture of your future. Each question will help you to set goals that would guarantee a successful future for you and your family.

I personally discovered that energy increases when you set a desired goal and resolve to work toward that goal. Many people, millions of them, can find new energy by selecting a goal and giving all they’ve got to accomplish that goal.

Goals cure boredom. Goals even cure many chronic ailments. So sit down this weekend to structure your life so that you can live an organized life. You can order for one of our audio programs titled, Goal Setting Skills. Kindly call Godwin on 07032681154. You can send your goals to us through email for evaluation later. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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