Welcome to Inspire Africa Project. Many people are struggling to be wealthy for the wrong reasons. For some, it is to oppress and manipulate people. Others just want to be rich so that they will go down to their villages and towns to take people’s property by force, cause trouble and destroy the unity among their people. Others want to be rich just for showmanship. They want to cruise around town in big SUV’s, take chieftancy titles and walk around like peacocks to acknowledge cheers from the poor.

Others would marry more wives, corrupt young innocent ladies or boys. I have seen people who are praying for financial prosperity so that they will show some certain people that they are now richer than them. Some people are still poor today because of their motive. God knows that the moment more money enters into their hands, they will loose control and destroy destinies, so He ensures that they don’t cross certain level in life. If you really want to be wealthy your motive must be pure.

This is why we need money; “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.” There is nothing wrong in acquiring the good things of life when you become rich, but the major reason why you need money is to become a blessing to your generation!

Money is a means of empowering the powerless through employment or supporting their verified visions and ideas. Just imagine the impact you will make if you can support a telecast or radio program that will impact the society positively. If you get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the can, you have denied yourself the opportunity to multiply what you have.The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

If Bill Gates walk into your house right now you might send him away because he won’t look like the richest man on earth. He and some billionaires live a very simple life while using their money to make the world a better place. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation give out millions of dollars yearly around the world to fight polio, Hiv, sickle cell, malaria etc.

If you are blessed and your blessing is not blessing others, then something is wrong somewhere. If you are rich and your riches are not reaching others, it means you don’t understand why you are rich in the first place. The good thing is, you can’t bless your generation and end up poor. Bill Gates has remained the richest American for over twenty year, and every year, he is either the richest man in the world or the second.The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Giving will never reduce you, rather it will increase you, because God cannot joke with His covenant. So change your perspective about money today and see how your level will change. Don’t ever forget that giving is by choice not by force! Get ready for INSPIRE AFRICA PROJECT CONFERENCE. For inquiries about our Products, Inspire Africa Project Conference, or Training Programs, kindly call +234 703 268 1154. Facebook: Inspire Africa Project. Twitter @KingIfeanyiEze. @InspireAfricaP.


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