Welcome to #LeadershipLessons on #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime I am watching Franklin Graham, the son of the great Billy Graham preaching, goose bumps usually cover my body. He actually continued where his father stopped. He is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization.

He is currently traveling across America, organizing prayer for the nation and the forthcoming election. You may not believe this, all the children and some grandchildren of Billy Graham are in the ministry! I was happy the day Jim Baker shared the story of how Billy Graham visited him in the prison, and how Franklin Graham rehabilitated him when he came out of the prison. That’s refreshing!

To me, any father that failed to pass on what he started to the next generation has failed woofly. All your children may not be interested in the legacy you want to bequeath to them, but am sure one of them will. Don’t misunderstand me, am not saying you should force your children to do what they are not wired for, but from my discovery, if God calls someone into the ministry, business, music, and many other professions, someone in that person’s lineage usually flow in that path.

Many fathers fail to perpetuate what they started because they are bossy. It’s good to leave cars and houses and stocks for your children, but they can squander all in one year. Leave a legacy that your lineage will be known for. If you’re a business person, structure it in a way that it can outlive you. If you want to learn how you can do that, kindly visit www.kingsuncommonwisdom.com. Let’s look at the six meanings of father according to my mentors’ definition.Inspire Africa Project

1. Source. I used to humorously say that men are seed carriers, while women are the incubators. A man plants a seed into his life, and nine months later, she will give him a baby. So, women multiply whatever you give to them. If you plant love in her you’ll reap a peaceful loving wife. But if you plant wickedness in her, get ready to reap the harvest.

A man is the source of a family. That child you just flogged right now came out of you. You’re meant to take care of what you manufactured, not destroy it. Since size is a reflection of source, it means your children will reproduce your character, your personality and lifestyle. Spiritually speaking, every offspring somehow repeat what his or forefathers did.

That’s why you must run to Jesus now because He became a curse for you so that you can be free from ancestral bondage. The point am making is that every father should mind how they live their lives because, the David that slept with Bathsheba and killed her husband might give birth to Amnon who will rape his own half-sister.

2. Norisher. The assignment of the source is to nourish his offspring. A father who fails to nurture his family is not worthy to be called a man. It is your duty to mentor both your wife and children. I like the way the Jewish men nurture their children. Once every week while the family sits on the dining table, the father will teach his family many things. He will teach them family value, tell them the story of their lineage, and end it by laying hands on all his children and bless them. That’s one of the reasons why the Jews are successful in life.

When last did you tell your children stories? Now that your children are growing up, do they know the name of their town? Can they tell me the names of your relatives? Do they know the history of your family? When last did you teach them your values? What are you inculcating into them? Are you monitoring them to discover their talents and giftings? Have you ever placed your hands on your children and blessed them? Have you studied your children to know who will perpetuate your legacy? Start right now. Nourish them!The Entrepreneur

3. Sustainer. One of the mysteries am yet to unravel is why poor people have more children than rich people. Why should a man who is struggling to survive have eight children, while a rich man that can take care of a village have one or two? Few months ago, I heard the story of man who had nine children. The unfortunate thing is that he died recently, leaving nine children for his wife to raise. Just imagine what it will take that woman to prepare just a meal for them. Guess why the man chose to have nine children? Because he was the only son of his father.

Do you know that some men actually brag about the number of children they have? Some said that they decided to have eight children so that if the first one is not successful, the second or fourth one will succeed. That’s why we have millions of street children in Africa. Dear men, kindly have the number of children you can sustain and stop waiting for your wife to take care of them for you.

How can you sit in the house playing draft while your wife labour to sustain your family? Why should you allow your children to become breadwinners? How can you bring children into this world and become a burden to them? Take care of your children. Sustain them. Provide for them according to your level. Of course your wife can help, but it is your duty to sustain your family.

Someone said to me one day, “Are you saying that if I don’t have any source of income to sustain my family I should remain unmarried?” I said yes! Die in peace and make heaven. Some men are virtually sleeping at the pub because the man in them have died. I know that you’re trying your best, but kindly put more effort. If you do your best, God will definitely do the rest. Wisdom is profitable to direct. To be continued.

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