Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! There are two kinds of people on earth; those who work for money and those whom money work for. Those who work for money must engage in a profitable venture on daily basis to survive, but those who employ money will keep making money whether they’re sleeping, eating or playing.

It’s very easy to know whether you’re working for money or not. If you are sacked from wherever you’re working right now can you still meet your needs? Can you still pay your children’s schools fees and other fees? As a business man, can you survive if government pull down your shop today? If you’re sick or bedridden for six straight months, can you still meet your needs? If your shop is razed down by fire right now do you have any reserve somewhere to start again?

Am sure some of us are saying God forbid while reading this, but you must understand that nobody bargain for tragedies. Those who have been staying at the permanent wards in different hospitals for the past ten years did not bargain for it. That is why we must prepare for the future on daily basis. Let’s look at those who work for money before we find out how we can employ money.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

1. Employees. Bradley J. Sugars shared an interesting story in this regard. “Friends invited me over for dinner. They had also invited some other friends of theirs. Several of them turned out to be serious employees. They would ask questions like, “Who do you work for?” “How much do you earn?” But the one I liked most was, “What car do you drive.”

Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but to some I will be. These people fell into the category I call “looking good, going nowhere.” They would rather look rich than to be rich. Another way to describe their lives would be to say that they live it secondhand. They do everything to build an impression of themselves to the outside world, and when the outside world says it’s true, they believe it- even though it’s just an illusion they’ve created.”

Anytime I speak to a group of employees I usually tell them that it’s not bad to work for somebody, but don’t do it the rest of your life. I encourage them to establish a little business as second source of income because what you earn cannot make you rich. In most cases before you even recieve your salary you have spent a chunk of it in advance.

Your income and your wealth are two entirely separate, and in most cases, nonrelated items. I have seen some people who earn thousands and millions of dollars annually in salary, yet they are still poor because they spend more than they earn. So you might be looking at an individual who works in an oil company, earn salary in foreign currency and live in the elite neighbourhood, yet he is one of the poorest persons on earth. That you earn huge salary doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. Inspire Africa Project

Employee are actually working for money. You can comfortably say that money is their boss. I have heard a lot of employees complain bitterly about their jobs, yet they will never resign. Why? If they stop working how would they survive? So they are working to survive not to create wealth. That is why money is their boss. They don’t multiply what they earn, that is why they are always in need of more money. It’s like someone who deliberately created a channel for money to flow in and flow out! If you belong to this category, you must apply the strategy I will share with you in the third part of this discussion!

2. A Business Person Who Refuses To Invest. I will never forget how I felt the very day I saw the man who was one of the major importers of building materials in Nigeria in the 80s and early 90s looking unkempt at a bus stop. Someone actually told me that his problem started when he failed to diversify or employ those who are smarter than him to run the company. That his business collapsed was not an excuse to move from grace to grass, why didn’t he invest some of his money?

If you’re a business man and you don’t have any investment anywhere in the world, it simply means that money is your boss because if you fail to go to your shop or office, your family will starve to death. You are like that employee who is always in need of money because he did not have any other source of income except his or her salary. The point am trying to make is, if you must work before you earn or make some money it means that money is your boss.

It’s very rare to see someone who retired and never bothered about how to survive in our clime because we never plan beyond a day. That’s why seventy years old men and women are still labouring daily to survive. If you allow money to become your boss you must get ready to work the rest of your life. But if money is working for you, you can retire at anytime. How can we employ money? To be continued. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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