Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Planning is the ability to bring the future into the now and prepare for it. It is the ability to see future opportunities and strategize on how to maximize them. The future you failed to plan for will not be kind to you when it shows up. Dear friend, if you know that traveling to the village or wherever this season will cause financial pressure in your family next year (2017), kindly stay back. Our inability to plan for the future is the major reason why we follow the crowd!

What is your plan for 2017? Prophecy and anointing oil are very important, but they cannot plan for you. Check some of those who testified that someone blessed them with millions of dollars or naira few years ago, some of them are begging today. Why? God brought the money, but the receiver lacked the ability strategically plan on how to manage and grow what they received.

Disoderliness is a product of someone’s inability to plan in that area. If you go back to the first book of the Bible and study the first two chapters, you will see how God strategically structured the earth. He met a disorderly and chaotic environment. The earth was formless, it was empty, and was covered by darkness. God did not start the creation process until He created light to illuminate the earth. That’s wise planning.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Before He created aquatic creatures like fish, He created water first so that they would have a place to live. God did not create animals until He created their food, grass. Before He created man, He planted a garden. Until you sit down to strategically structure your life, chaos will become a way of life.

One of my favourite portions of the Bible is Proverbs 24:3-5. The wise man said; “Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. A wise man is mightier than a strong man. Wisdom is mightier than strength.” (TLB). There are four important things the wise man said in this portion on the Bible.

1. Any Enterprise is Built by Wise Planning. The synonyms of enterprise are endeavor, pursuit, mission, task etc. So enterprise is not just a business outfit, it covers every area of your life. Your career is an enterprise. Your family or what you want to accomplish in life is an enterprise. The wise man is saying that if you want to accomplish great feats in life, wise planning is a must.

Wise planning helps people to make informed decisions in order to reach their goals. To become very wealthy, you must become a way wise planner. To grow your organization, you must become a wise planner. To have stress free family, you must become a wise planner. To have sound health you must become a wise planner. To go through 2017 without begging and borrowing, you must become a wise planner.

If you are always under intense pressure in the area of your finances, it means that wise planning is missing in that area. If a couple fights and quarrel all the time, it simply shows that wise planning in the area of marriage and relationship is missing. To live a stress free life, you must sit down and strategically plan your actions. If you want to make heaven, you must sit down and strategically plan for it. Nobody will make heaven carelessly.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

2. Becomes Strong Through Common Sense. Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that is shared by nearly all people. A man who desires peaceful coexistence in his home but hits his wife all the time lacks common sense. If you want your business to grow, but you failed to be accountable to the business, and you usually spend money at will, it simply shows that you lack common sense. Your enterprise cannot grow unless common sense is applied to it.

3. And Profits Wonderfully By Keeping Abreast of The Facts. According to Business Dictionary, “fact is an event, item of information, or state of affairs existing, observed, or known to have happened, and which is confirmed or validated to such an extent that it is considered reality.” From this definition you will discover that wise planning demands strategic thinking. Planning demands thinking and that is why most people don’t like it.

This is how to plan. Look for a quiet place, if possible go for a personal retreat, or spend at least two hours every night for this exercise. Somehow Africans live in a noise environment and that is one of the reasons why we don’t have many thinkers. I gathered from successful people that they usually go for thinking retreat to generate uncommon ideas. Anyone who attends or attended Uncommon Wisdom Academy (our company’s training school), knows that I usually give them thinking assignments. Most of them have generated uncommon ideas from this exercise.

The first thing you must do is to state clearly the area of your life that needs urgent planning. I will share about five areas in the subsequent articles. The second step is to strategically think why you are struggling in that area, or the dimension of success you need in that particular area. The third step is to prepare an outline. Write on top of the sheet of paper or your device what you want to succeed at, and write numbers one to seven or more. The fourth step is to strategically brainstorm on what to do to improve or succeed in that area.

The easiest way to do this is to start writing anything that pops up in your mind. Even if they are over fifty or one hundred things, go ahead and write them. When you’re through, you will start eliminating unimportant ones. By the time you’re through with the elimination exercise, you will be amazed by the kind of wisdom you generated. To succeed in doing this, you must not do everything in one strategic thinking session. You can spend three days or one week to get the very best result.

The fifth step is to write action points. Take each plan and turn them into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly steps. If you want to make N10 million within the next twelve months, all you have to do is to come up with an investment plan or business that will be yielding N1,145 per hour, N192, 310 per week, N833,334 per month, and the N10 million in a year.

Your target must not be N10 million, it could be N500,000, N2 million or whatever you think you can achieve in 2017. This is the true meaning of strategic planning! If you can succeed in doing this, you will not be crossing over into the new year carelessly because you know what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. There is nothing as powerful as strategic planning. You can order for some of my books like, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits. You can also get my dvds and cd’s like; Strategizing for Success and Strategic Planning. Call Godwin on 07032681254.

4. A Wise Man is Mightier Than a Strong Man. Wisdom is Mightier Than Strength. Am sure you have seen a wealthy diminutive individual and his or her bodyguard before, who is stronger between both of them? The bodyguard of course. But who pays each other at the end of the month? The not too tall man pays the huge muscular bodyguard! The wisdom in this analogy is simple; with uncommon wisdom and strategic planning, David can defeat Goliath. In the subsequent articles, I will show you how David strategically killed Goliath.

I want you to know that a wise man will always win any battle in life. His strength is not in his muscles, but in his brain. In my book, Uncommon Wisdom for Wealth Creation, I said that wisdom is a labour saving device. What took others ten years to accomplish can be accomplished in ten days through the force of uncommon wisdom! I beg you to use more of your brain than muscles. Your mental strength is more valuable and more powerful than your physical strength. If you want me to share more on wise planning, kindly indicate by sending “Yes” to 234 7032681154. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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