Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject!. Several years ago, going through surgery was equivalent to going through hell. Guess how it was done? About four or six men would hold the patient on the surgical table while another person holds a bucket to collect his or her blood. Then the surgeons would start the surgery while the patient is awake. The person would be shouting, crying and sobbing at the same time for hours.

Can you just imagine a pregnant woman who is booked for caesarean session going through this painful process? But that was all the surgeons knew at that period. A young medical student named, Sir James Simpson saw this painful procedure and decided to find a solution to it. He set up a team of doctors after his graduation and began to look for ways to stop the menace.

One day, they stumbled on chloroform, and Sir James Simpson and his men tested it by themselves and slept off peacefully. When they woke up they were so happy that finally, solution is here. That was how anaesthetic was born. The first woman they used it on during ceasarean session was so happy when she woke up that she called her daughter, Anaesthesia! Sir James Simpson was not looking for money, but on how to stop the pain people go through during surgery, and he immortalised his name!Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Those who are all out to make money by all means will end in a corner, but those who wants to become solutions to the challenges of humanity usually end up making both impact and money; because impact will definitely generate input! Most Africans fail to make a mark because they live for what to eat, wear, drive and live. Only few of us are desiring to provoke generational transformation.

Jesus said that you are the light of the world, why do you want to end up as the light of yourself? You are a city set on a hill to generate solutions to the challenges of humanity. You are not a sufferer that is struggling to survive! Look around you right now, and you will see problems that are waiting for those who can solve them and move into action immediately. You must understand that money is a reward for solving a problem for somebody.

Dr. Paul Enenche said; “You are not destined to be a casual observer in life. You are not even meant to be in the fans club. You are meant to be in the arena of action.” He went on to say; “To be a real Christian means that there is a problem you have solved or are solving for yourself, your family, community or generation. You have no right to call yourself a Christian if you are not in the business of answering generational questions!”

World Changers are more interested in making life better for humanity than just living to grab money. Anybody whose heart desire is just to become a billionaire for the sake of it usually end up as a slave to money. In my book, The Entrepreneur, I shared the story of people whose heart desire was to find solutions to challenges and ended up as billionaires.

What pushed Sergy Brin and Larry Page to establish Google was not necessarily to make money, but to help people find things faster on the internet. Look at where they are today! The heart desire of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was to reduce the size of computer so that everybody can have it in their homes, look at how massive Apple Inc. has become.

If you have followed my teachings on wealth creation, you will discover that I don’t just want people to make money for the sake of it, I want them to make life better for humanity, and they will definitely make money at the end of the day! You are a supernatural towel sent to the earth to wipe out tears from the faces of humanity, please don’t die in a corner.

Just imagine the number of people that seatbelt (which was invented by a Swedish engineer, Nis Bohlin) has saved worldwide. Am not sure he was looking for a way to make money, rather he was looking for ways to protect lives. Just imagine the number of people car airbags have saved worldwide. I saw a man who almost died in an accident if not for the airbags. Am not sure Walter Linderer and John W. Hetrick who invented the airbags were looking for ways to make money, they were interested in saving lives and in the process, they immortalized their names and made money at the same time.The Entrepreneur

Kindly look around you today, and you will see what you can do to make life better for others. You can pen your epitaph through your contribution to humanity.You will definitely end up as a global personality if you can become a solution provider. The money you are desperately trying to make is hidden in problems. If you can creatively solve the problems, humanity will definitely give you their money. It’s time to start thinking about others, not just about yourself. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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