YOU ARE NO LONGER A SLAVE! (Types and Shadows)

Welcome to #KingdomManna on #InspireAfricaProject! Most Christians are like a slave whom the master woke up one morning and told that he was now his son. He equally told the slave that everything he has are his, but the mindset of the slave did not allow him to enjoy his new status. He walks into his new fathers bedroom to sleep, but his mindset reminds him that he is a slave. He takes his fathers car key, opens the door, but feels unworthy to drive the car. Although he is now free from slavery, but the condition of his mind is still hindering him from enjoying his new status.

That’s why we talk more about sin than righteousness. If you listen to anyone that is preaching on the street, you will discover that he spends ninety-five percent of his time talking about sin instead of sharing the goodnews of Jesus Christ. That’s why some of us walk around with guilt and condemnation. We are conscious of sin, but doesn’t know what righteousness stands for.

I heard the story of a holy sister who believed that she had the ability to live holy by herself. So one day she slept with a man and became pregnant out of wedlock. What did our powerful sister do? She committed suicide! That’s what sin consciousness does. We believe that we can be holy by our effort and abandon the finished work of Christ. You are holy not because you did not commit adultery, but because Jesus nailed your sins on the Cross. That’s why Paul said; “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. Your effort is good, but the effort of Jesus on the cross was what purchased you in the first place.

Let’s expand this discussion by looking at one Old Testament practice. “Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “This is the ordinance of the law which the Lord has commanded, saying: ‘Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring you a red heifer without blemish, in which there is no defect and on which a yoke has never come. You shall give it to Eleazar the priest, that he may take it outside the camp, and it shall be slaughtered before him; and Eleazar the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger, and sprinkle some of its blood seven times directly in front of the tabernacle of meeting. Then the heifer shall be burned in his sight: its hide, its flesh, its blood, and its offal shall be burned. And the priest shall take cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet, and cast them into the midst of the fire burning the heifer.” Numbers 19:1-6.1(2)

The Old Testament is a shadow of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. All the rituals and practices that God commanded Moses and the priests to carry out were pointing to the assignment Jesus would carry out when he comes. The heifer was a type of the Messiah. There are six major instructions that God gave to Moses and Aaron concerning the heifer.

1. The heifer must be red without blemish. Red signifies the blood Jesus would shed to rescue humanity from satanic subjugation. Secondly, the heifer must be without blemish. The word blemish means, a small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something. If Jesus was born through sexual intercourse, He would have carried the same Adamic sin that limited mankind, thereby hindering Him from saving us. So to liberate makind, He was born without blemish.

2. The heifer must not have defects. The word defect means shortcoming or imperfection. An imperfect man cannot rescue an imperfect man. So our Saviour Jesus Christ was born without imperfections so that His death would swallow our imperfections. Am no longer a sinner today because when Jesus died for me, I took His perfect nature, and my imperfections were annihilated!

3. A heifer without yoke. A yoke is a wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the neck of two animals and attached to the plough or cart that they are to pull. A yoke is a type of the Old Testament laws. It shows that when Jesus the Saviour comes, he would put an end to the dispensation of law and introduce a new dispensation were laws does not exist! That’s why today, we are in the dispensation of Grace. We are no longer under the law where instant punishments are meted out to offenders. We are in a dispensation where the Blood of Jesus purifies everyone once and for all. Unfortunately, many Christians are still operating the dead dispensation-law!

4. Eleazer the priest would take the heifer outside the camp and slaughter it. That was exactly how they took Jesus Christ outside the city and crucified Him on the Cross at Calgary. Golgotha is a hill that resembles a skullcap that is located near a gate in Jerusalem. So just like the heifer, Jesus Christ was taken out and killed so that you and I will have the qualification to come into the presence of God. He died outside so that we can come inside! What a wonderful experience.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

5. Eleazar the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger, and sprinkle some of its blood seven times directly in front of the tabernacle of meeting. The tabernacle of meeting is a type of the New Testament church. Church is not a building. Church is the convergence of Kingdom Ambassadors. It is when we gather to worship the King that it can be called a church. The word Ekklesia, where we got the english word church means the called out assemble. This practice shows that it was the Blood of Jesus Christ that purified and established the church! If Jesus Christ did not shed His Blood, we will not have the right to gather together and worship Him. So His Blood gave you the right to come into God’s presence. You are no longer a slave!

6. Then the heifer shall be burned. When the heifer was burned, it turned into ashes. Ash signifies completeness or finished. On the Cross, Jesus Christ took your position. We were supposed to be on that cross because we were criminals. On that Cross, Jesus set your sins ablaze and declared you free from bondage!

Even if the devil reminds you about your past today, kindly tell him that Jesus set your past ablaze the very day you surrendered your life to Him. You are now righteous not by your effort, it’s a gift from Jesus. Jesus Christ completed your redemption when He willingly died on the Cross of Calvary! Your are no longer a slave! You are sitting on the same bench with Jesus Christ in the heavenly places that is far above where the devil operates from!

Dear friend, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, it simply means that you are still a slave to satan. If you remain in that state and die, you will end up in a place God did not ordain for you. I want to give you an opportunity right now to move out of satan’s kingdom and enter into the Kingdom of God. Simply confess this little but powerful prayer very loud wherever you are. Say, Lord Jesus, come into my heart. I confess with my mouth that you are the Savior of the whole world, and I believe in my heart that God raised you from the dead. I am born again. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Amen! If you just said that simple but powerful prayer, I want to officially welcome you into the Kingdom of God. Call us today for more spiritual help on +234 7032681154. Welcome to the week of uncommon favour!

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