Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! I strongly believe that the greatest tragedy in life is not death, tsunami or accident, but your inability to discover your placement in life. Your inability to discover and maximize your purpose is the greatest tragedy in human history. God did not create anybody to occupy space for seventy years on earth and die. He created all of us with a particularly assignment in mind.

Many people are stranded in life because they are following popular opinion. You established your own business because your friends told you how profitable it is, not because you are wired to do it. Anytime a toothbrush decides to function like a spoon, frustration will set in. Anytime your eyes decides to do the work of ears, frustration will set in. Anytime you’re operating where God did not position you to function, struggles and pain will become a lifestyle.

Some people were created to become marbles, but they died as mud. Others were created to become pilots, but they died as carpenters. Some ladies were created to become renown economists, but they are languishing in different brothels and hotels as big time prostitutes. Some men were created to own financial institutions, but they were killed in a gun battle during armed robbery. The cemetery is full of individuals who died without discovering their placements in life. That’s why the cemetery has become the wealthiest spot on earth!12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

This world will become a better place if the potential giants God sent to transform it can discover who they are early enough and begin to function there. Imagine how far that young lady who is abusing her body in a brothel right now would have gone if she had discovered that she has the capacity to become the next president of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Just imaging the kind of waves those young men that are terrorizing their neighborhood would be causing around the world if they have taken time to discover their real worth.

Many people devalued themselves because they don’t know who they are. When the real value of a thing is not known abuse will become a way of life. If you buy Rolex watch that worths $1 million and give it to a toddler, by the time he is tired of playing with it, you won’t recognize it any longer. If that young man who is damaging his liver with four packs of cigarette on daily basis has discovered his real worth, he will never touch cigarette the rest of his life. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable!

Your background, village, or how ugly or beautiful you are does not define your real worth, it is your innate qualities that matters! Have you ever wondered why some first class graduates ended up as last class in life? Because they judged themselves based on their academic qualifications and stopped aspiring for greater things in life, and they ended up as employees of illiterate millionaires!

Purpose is greater than academic qualifications. I like education and I always encourage people to take it serious. But you will soar to greater heights if you discover your purpose in life, and study a course that is related to it. Purpose is the reason why God created you. There is a particularly problems God created you to solve on earth. The Almighty God cannot create an individual just to increase the number of people on earth, He sent you here to fulfill a particular assignment, and until you discover it, life will remain a burden!

Anytime people complain about laziness, I usually tell them that they are functioning in a wrong assignment. When you discover your placement in life, you will never look at time. The arrival of purpose is the departure of laziness. The moment you discover where you are supernaturally wired to operate, laziness will check out of your life and destiny forever! If you hate Mondays and celebrate Fridays, it simply shows that you are functioning in a wrong assignment. A fish cannot be tired of water, but the moment you sent it to a flying school, laziness will become a lifestyle.

Since a fish will struggle in a flying school, and a bird will be completely depressed in a cage, you will definitely struggle the moment you begin to function in a wrong assignment! If you take a fish out of water and drop it on the ground, it’s creativity will disappear. But the moment you throw it into the water, you will discover how creative the fish is. God created you to operate in a particular area, kindly discover that place and build your daily agenda around it. You’re not a biological accident on earth, uncommon treasures are crying for expression on the inside of you, kindly give them room to operate from today.The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Viktor E. Frankl said that; “Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone’s task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it.” Endeavor to discover your purpose today and take your rightful position at the top! To discover your purpose, kindly order for some of my books, like; The Untapped Treasures, and Twelve Pillars of Financial Success. See you st the top!

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