Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There is a prayer habit I developed several years ago. That habit is to pray everywhere I found myself. I usually pray in my heart even when am talking to people. The surprising thing is that the prayer is not usually channeled towards my needs, but for the needs of others. I pray for people everywhere I go.

I was walking on the street one day, and I didn’t know when I stopped for few minutes to pray for a deformed young man in my heart. I asked God to give him brand new legs. Anytime I come across people that are fighting, I usually separate the fight through intercession. In fact, it happened like magic one occasion. The moment I said, “Oh God, deploy your Angel to separate this fight now”, they stopped fighting.

There was a day I saw a massive crowd at the bus stop around 10pm, and I stopped and prayed for them. I said, “Lord, order the steps of everyone at this bus stop and let no one board a wrong vehicle this night. Kidnappers and “one chance” operators will never ply this route tonight in Jesus name.”Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

I was stuck in a heavy traffic one day, and I prayed for everybody in that traffic. I asked God to send His Angels to preserve every soul in that traffic and thwart every plan of armed robbers. On severely occasions I have asked my guardian Angel to clear the heavy traffic, and miraculously, traffic warden or police men will appear from nowhere and clear the road. I intercede for beggars, children, and everybody.

Norman Vincent Peale equally had the same habit. He said that, ” I have a habit of praying for people as I pass them. I remember being on a train traveling through West Virginia when I had a curious thought. I saw a man standing on a station platform, then the train moved on and he passed from sight. It occurred to me I was seeing him for the first and last time. His life and mine touched slightly for just a fraction of an instant. He went his way and I mine. I wondered how his life would turn out. Then I prayed for that man, sending out an affirmative prayer that his life would be filled with blessings.

Then I began praying for other people I saw as the train passed. I prayed for a man plowing in the field and asked the Lord to help him and give him a good crop. I saw a mother hanging up clothes, and that line of freshly washed garment told me she had a large family. A glimpse of her face and the way in which she handled the clothes of children told me she was a happy woman. I prayed for her that she would have a happy life, that her husband would always be true to her and that she would be true to him. I prayed that they might be a religious family and that the children would grow up strong, honourable young people.

In one station I saw a man leaning half asleep against the wall, and I prayed that he would wake up and get off welfare and amount to something. Then we stopped at a station, and there was a lovable little kid, one pants leg longer than the other, shirt opens at the neck, wearing a too-big sweater, hair tousled and face dirty. He was sucking a lollipop and working hard on it. I prayed for him, and as the train started moving he looked up at me and gave me the most wonderful smile. I knew my prayer had caught him, and I waved to him, and he waved back at me. I shall never see that boy again in all likelihood, but our lives touched.

It had been a cloudy day up to that point, but suddenly the sun came out and I think there was a light in the boy’s heart, for it was revealed on his face. I am sure it was because the power of God was moving in circuit through me, to the boy and back to God; and we were all under the spell of prayer power.”

You don’t know the force that are at work in you. If you know, you will begin to invest in other people’s lives through intercession. Lets assume you went to see your boss in his office this morning and discovered that he looks sad or moody, kindly shoot prayer at him from your heart immediately. You can say something like; “Lord, I don’t know what is happening to my boss this morning, but in the name of Jesus, I command sadness to depart from his heart, and let joy replace it now!” You will be surprised when you see him in two hours time.The untapped Treasures

Maybe your manager is threatening to sack you if you don’t sleep with him or her. As you walk into his or her office this morning, shoot prayer at the him or her. Say something like; “Lord I like my boss, but I don’t want him to go to hell. Remove the spirit of lust in him (or her) so that he will start seeing me as his sister instead of a sex object, in Jesus matchless name!” You will be amazed the kind of transformation that will take place in your office.

If you can start praying for those who hate you from today, you will suffocate hatred in your heart. Ask God to change them instead of releasing fire to consume them. One of the easiest ways to show love is through intercession. If you sow intercession into people’s lives from today, you will reap uncommon blessings, and God will raise intercessors for you too. To be continued. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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