Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The combination of prayer and mental programming can provoke any miracle you are believing God for. Most people pray fervently but they hardly get any result because they don’t know how to picturize what they are praying for with the eyes of the mind.

Norman Vincent Peale shared a powerful story that clearly illustrate this point. “A woman discovered that her husband was drifting from her. Theirs had been a happy marriage, but the wife had become preoccupied in social affairs and the husband had gotten busy in his work. Before they knew it, the close, old-time companionship was lost. One day she discovered his interest in another woman. She lost her head and became hysterical. She confided in her pastor and admitted being a careless homemaker and that she had also become self-centered, sharp-tongued, and nagging.

She then confessed that she had never felt herself equal of her husband. She had a profound sense of inferiority regarding him, feeling unable to maintain equality with him socially and intellectually. So she retreated into an antagonistic attitude that manifested in petulance and criticism. The pastor saw that the woman had more talent, ability, and charm than she was revealing. He suggested that she create an image or picture of herself as capable and attractive.The Entrepreneur

He whimsically told her that “God runs a beauty parlor” and that faith techniques could put beauty on a person’s face. He gave her instruction on how to pray and how to picturize. He also advised her to hold the mental image of the restoration of the old-time companionship, to visualize the goodness in her husband, and to picture a restored harmony between the two of them. She was to hold this picture with faith.

About this time her husband informed her that he wanted a divorce. She had conquered herself to the extent of being able to receive this request with calmness. She simply replied that she was willing if he wanted it, but suggested a deferral of the decision for ninety days on the ground that divorce is so final. “If at the end of ninety days you still feel that you want a divorce, I will cooperate with you.” She said calmly. He gave her a quizzical look, for he had expected an outburst.

Night after night he went out, and night after night she sat at home, but she pictured him as seated in his old chair. He was not in the chair, but she painted an image of him there comfortably reading as in the old days. She visualized him puttering around the house, painting and fixing things as he had formerly done. She even pictured him drying the dishes as he did when they were first married. She visualized the two of them playing golf together and taking hikes as they once did.

She maintained this picture with steady faith, and one night there he actually sat in his old chair. She looked twice to be sure that it was the reality rather than the picturization, but she found out that it was her husband. Occasionally he would be gone but more and more nights he sat in his chair. Then he began to read to her as in the old days. Then one sunny Saturday afternoon he asked, “What do you say to a game of golf?”Uncommon Wisdom Academy

The days went pleasantly until she realized that the ninetieth day had arrived, so that evening she said quietly, “Bill, this is the ninetieth day.” “What do you mean by ninetieth day,” he asked. “Why don’t you remember? We agreed to wait for ninety days to settle that divorce matter and this is the day.” He looked at her for a moment, then said, “Don’t be silly. I couldn’t possibly get along without you. Where did you ever get the idea I was going to leave you?” The formula proved a powerful mechanism. She prayerized, she pictured, and her heart desire was actualized!”

This couple would have gone their separate ways if the wife did not change her negative habit and fight for her marriage. She prayed for God’s intervention, and programmed her mind to see the restoration, and the strange woman that was about to break their home was defeated.

Little things cause big problems in the many homes. Try as much as possible to hand over your family to God, and please stop every act that is giving the devil access into your home. Prayerizing and picturizing will always provoke uncommon miracles, and it can work for everybody, including the singles. Capture the picture of the kind of woman or man you want to marry and ask God to orchestrated your meeting point! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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