Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! Anytime somebody ask why he or she should have a mentor, I usually give them two reasons. First, if you want to avoid detours and pitfalls you must be accountable to somebody. Samson’s destiny crashed because he was a lone ranger. He did not work with a team neither did he submit to any higher authority or a mentor. When he was derailing nobody was there to warn him, and he ended up as a grinder in the prison!

Secondly, a mentor can help you achieve ten years dream in ten months if you’re ready to fully submit to him with a teachable spirit. I discovered that some people that asked me for mentorship know more than me, so why did you come in the first place? If you don’t possess a teachable spirit you can never gain anything from your mentor.

This story shows how fast you can run in life if you can humble yourself and learn from a mentor. “Jason Dorsey was a typical college student when he unexpectedly met his first mentor, a local entrepreneur who had been asked to speak to his business class at the University of Texas.

When Brad challenged the class by defining success as something greater than just making lots of money, Jason was intrigued and risked asking him to be his mentor. During their first meeting, Brad asked Jason about his plans. He replied that he planned to finish college, work on the New York Stock Exchange, get an MBA, start his own business, and eventually retire at 40. Once retired, he planned to work with hard-to-reach youths to make sure they get a good education and a respectable job.

Hearing this, Brad asked Jason how old he would be by the time he get around to helping these young people. Jason said he’d be about 45. Then Brad asked a life-changing question: “Why wait twenty-five years to start doing what you really want to do? Why not start now? The longer you wait, the more difficult it might be for young people to relate with you.”

Brad’s observation made sense, but Jason was only 18 and living in a college dorm. He asked, “How do you think I could best help people my own age if I started now?” “Write a book they will actually want to read,” replied Brad. “Tell them your secrets for feeling good about yourself even when everyone else is so negative. Tell them what it takes to ask someone to be your mentor. Tell them why you have so many job opportunities and you’re only 18.”

On January 7, 1997, at 1:58 AM, Jason started writing his book. Because he didn’t know he couldn’t do it, he completed the first draft of Graduate to Your Perfect Job just 3 weeks later. Jason published the book himself, started speaking at schools, and began mentoring other young people. By the time he was 25, he had spoken to over 500,000 people, been featured on NBC’s Today show three times, and seen his first book become a course in over 1,500 schools.

Jason is such a compelling speaker and motivator that soon the schools were hiring him to train their teachers and counselors as well. His latest venture is a new company that helps executive and managers learn how to motivate and retain young employees. Jason won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the category of education. Just think, if Jason had not taken the risk to ask a stranger to be his mentor, he’d just be getting that MBA late in life.”-Jack Canfield.

If Jason did not meet his mentor early in life, by now he would not have achieved any meaningful thing in life. Most of us would have gone far in life by now if we had summoned courage to ask a pacesetter to mentor us. It’s not yet late if you can act on this information right now.

In case you don’t know, most accomplished individuals are actually looking for ways to touch lives. Don’t be afraid, talk to that person within the next two days and ask him or her for mentorship. Don’t forget that you must do it in a respectable way. How can you ask somebody for mentorship through text message or even call? How can you meet somebody in the church or at an event and ask for mentorship? It doesn’t show a sign of seriousness!

Send a mail or letter to the person and ask for an appointment to meet him. Your first approach will show him or her whether you are serious or not. Tomorrow, I will show you two major things your mentor will do for you. Wisdom is profitable to direct


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